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Port of Spain

Port of Spain

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City CodePOS
Popular Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • British Airways
  • United Airlines
Flight Time5~10 hours

The flight time to Port of Spain is approximately 5~10 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Port of Spain.

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Port of Spain

Port of Spain is the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago. While Port of Spain is the administrative center of the country, it is not the largest city - Port of Spain has only over 30 thousand inhabitants. Port of Spain is know for its high rise buildings. There is also a large industrial port in Port of Spain.

Voice of Travelers to Port of Spain

A layover in Port of Spain with a ticket to Tobago

I traveled on an onward ticket from Houston through Port of Spain to Tobago. My ticket agent suggested the layover in Port of Spain to visit this city. I have never been to Port of Spain before so I agreed to the plan to see Port of Spain before continuing on to Tobago. This ticket was an expensive one, but the transportation and hotel in Port of Spain were actually included in the price of the ticket. I purchased the ticket with United Airlines. United Airlines provided good service online, including food and drinks. When I landed in Port of Spain, I went straight to the center. Port of Spain is a great city. I enjoyed my visit of Port of Spain very much and I am happy I bought such an expensive airfare ticket.

Visiting Port of Spain for a conference

I visited Port of Spain last year for a conference. I was invited, so all my costs in Port of Spain were covered by an institution in Port of Spain. I enjoyed the first class service aboard the British Airways from London Gatwick to Port of Spain as the the ticket was booked in this way. Such a return ticket was probably very expensive. Once in Port of Spain, I was accommodated in a very good hotel. I rebooked my ticket from Port of Spain for two days later than the date of my original ticket was. I would like to visit Port of Spain again.

Port of Spain Travel FAQs

Q. In which season can I get the cheapest ticket for Port of Spain?

A. The best season in Port of Spain is in the springtime as this is the time of low precipitation. Port of Spain gets a lot of rain, on the contrary, in August. Typically, autumn is the wet season and its the time when an airfare ticket might be the cheapest. On the contrary a ticket for the spring season tends to be more expensive.

Q. Where can I find a flight ticket to Port of Spain from Tobago?

A. To fly from Tobago to Port of Spain, you can book your ticket with the Caribbean Airlines. You can find a ticket to Port of Spain through an online ticket portal, or visit your airfare ticket agent.

Q. Is Port of Spain a safe city?

A. As any greater city in the Caribbean, Port of Spain has its areas where petty crime is more common. The touristic center of Port of Spain is a quite safe area, yet be careful. Do not carry money or any important ticket in your hand and be attentive when taking photos of the historic sites of Port of Spain.

Port of Spain - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Piarco International Airport ・Miami International Airport ・London Gatwick Airport ・John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York) etc.

Flight Routes to Port of Spain

Flights to Port of Spain are operated by Piarco International Airport, located outside of Port of Spain. There are direct flights from Port of Spain to Latin American,North American as well as some European destinations. It is possible to reach Port of Spain on a direct flight from Canada as well.