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Puerto Rico Travel Tips and Information

Puerto Rico Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameCommonwealth of Puerto Rico
Population3.4 million
CapitalSan Juan
Country CodePR
LanguageSpanish, English
Country Code (international calls)1

The flight time to Puerto Rico is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Puerto Rico below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is located in the North East Carribean Sea. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Puerto Rico

The visa requirements to enter Puerto Rico are the same as to the United States. US citizens do not need to show their passports or obtain a visa to enter Puerto Rico, they just need to have a valid driving license. In the case of nationals of other countries, they must follow the same procedures as entering the mainland US. They need to obtain a 90-day ‘visitor’ visa. If the visitor’s aim is to study or work in Puerto Rico for some time, the requirements are different. Keep in mind that a plane ticket to Puerto Rico is not a guarantee for entering Puerto Rico.

Things/Items Allowed into Puerto Rico

Passengers may bring 1 quart of alcohol, 3 pounds of smoking tobacco, 200 individual cigarettes, 50 cigars and gifts up to USD 100 when entering Puerto Rico.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Puerto Rico

・Narcotics ・Cultural Artifacts ・endangered Animals and Plants

Things/Items Forbidden into Puerto Rico

・Meat Products ・Rice Products ・Fruit and Vegetables

Voice of Travelers to Puerto Rico

Ticket to Puerto Rico from a changeable friend

I’m David from Miami. I got very lucky with my ticket to Puerto Rico! I have a friend who is very indecisive and changeable, which can be difficult sometimes but this time it worked out in my favour. He loves travelling, and asked me for a recommendation of somewhere I would buy a ticket to visit. I advised him that I’d buy a ticket to Puerto Rico if I were him, and he did so. The following week he said that he wasn’t able to go, and was now selling his ticket to Puerto Rico! As he needed to sell his ticket quickly, he offered it to me for half the ticket price that he paid. Otherwise I’d never have been able to afford the ticket. The ticket to Puerto Rico was with Delta Airlines, and my flight was both quick and comfortable. The staff were amazing and the plane was clean and modern. Although my friend is frustrating, I do hope he book a ticket somewhere else and changes his mind again in future!

My round trip ticket to Puerto Ricoama

My name's Nora, and I'm from New York. Planning my trip to Puerto Rico started last summer. I was not sure whether to take a one way ticket or a return ticket to Puerto Rico, because I could not decide how long to stay in Puerto Rico. Finally I made up my mind to choose a return ticket, for 2 weeks. The airline was One Travel, and they were fantastic. The staff were very pleasant and caring. I arrived in Puerto Rico in the evening and started to explore it from the first moment. My whole experience was wonderful. In the end, I regretted choosing the round trip ticket instead of a one way ticket, because two weeks were not enough at all. I only came back four days ago, but I am already searching for another ticket to Puerto Rico already, because I still have so much to see there.

Puerto Rico Travel FAQs

Q. Is Puerto Rico an independent country?

A. Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth territory of the United States. The citizens of Puerto Rico have common citizenship, currency and defense. Residents of Puerto Rico pay no federal income tax although they are US citizens, and they cannot participate in presidential elections.

Q. When is the best time to visit Puerto Rico?

A. This depends on what activities you are planning to experience in Puerto Rico. Most tourists visit Puerto Rico during the summer holidays, so your ticket may be more expensive during this time. Summers in Puerto Rico can be very hot and sometimes quite wet, but this is when water activities such as snorkeling and diving can be enjoyed. The period between May and November is the most crowded period.

Puerto Rico - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toRafael Hernández International Airport・New York Airports (New York City) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toJosé Aponte de la Torre Airport・Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (Atlanta) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toMercedita International Airport・Boston's Logan Airport (Boston) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toLuis Muñoz Marín International Airport・Miami International Airport (Miami) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toFernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport・Chicago's O'Hare International (Chicago) etc.

Flight Routes to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's main airport is Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. Most U.S. and international airlines offer direct flights from major cities to Puerto Rico. Major airlines that offer direct flights include American Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue Airlines and Spirit.