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Qatar Travel Tips and Information

Qatar Travel Tips and Information

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Official Namethe State of Qatar
Population2.7 million
Country CodeQA
LanguageModern Standard Arabic
Country Code (international calls)974

The flight time to Qatar is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Qatar below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Qatar.

Qatar is a small country on the Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Qatar has one land border (Saudi Arabia) and is surrounded by the Persian Gulf.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Qatar

Citizens of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates do not require a visa to visit Qatar and may use National ID Cards to enter the country. There are many countries that qualify for receiving a visa on arrival at Doha. The price is QR 100 per visa and it is valid for a 30-day stay. Other travelers who are not from visa exempt countries must obtain a visa before departing for Qatar.

Things/Items Allowed into Qatar

Duty-free allowances depend on your country of origin and is different for every country. Therefore, all travelers must check beforehand for the specific allowances of their country.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Qatar

・Weapons, Firearms and Ammunition ・Alcohol ・Narcotics and Drugs ・Illicit Material ・More than 400 cigarettes ・Gifts exceeding a value of $825 or QAR 3,000.

Things/Items Forbidden into Qatar

・Weapons, Firearms and Ammunition ・Any products containing pork ・Alcoholic Beverages ・Narcotics and Drugs ・Illicit Material

Voice of Travelers to Qatar

Qatar is a gem of a country on our planet and worth the air ticket.

I recently had the pleasure of working in Qatar. I had everything paid for including my air ticket to Qatar and accommodation in Qatar. I was very nervous before my company booked my ticket for me but I was assured that life in Doha is great - it most definitely was. There is hardly any crime and no acts of terrorism even though Qatar is in the midst of an area gripped by terror. Qatar was special and unique and I would book my own ticket and visit Qatar again for sure.

Booking a ticket and flying with Qatar Airways is booking a ticket flying with style.

I always book my air tickets with Qatar Airways because of their fabulous quality of air ticket service. The ticket prices are very affordable but this does not take any quality away from this aviation service. My ticket includes 2 meals (I travel from the USA to Qatar) and an endless supply of entertainment to my disposal. The staff are so friendly and are always there to ask if I need help or would like something. I felt so comfortable flying with Qatar Airways and I would definitely buy another ticket with them when I travel to Doha in the future for business.

Qatar is a beautiful place with an amazing mix of culture.

Only in Qatar can you find more foreigners than locals. This strange fact intrigued me as I booked my ticket to Qatar. I went to Doha a bit disappointed with my choice in the destination but I was extremely surprised when I got to Doha. Qatar is still so full of its own culture and is proud of what it is. I could see this in every Qatari face I met. I found this amazing and it made me want to buy another ticket and go back to Qatar the next year for my holiday. I would tell anyone to buy their ticket and go to Qatar for their next holiday. The air ticket is very worth the price.

Qatar Travel FAQs

Q. Is Qatar an expensive holiday destination?

A. Qatar has one of the wealthiest economies in the world. Some travelers from wealthier countries even comment on the cost of things in Doha saying it is quite expensive. Oil is cheap in Qatar but other things that may be cheap in your country may seem ridiculously priced in Qatar. Accommodation and transport are also high in cost but this means that the quality of your desired services will be great.

Q. When is the best season to visit Qatar?

A. Qatar is a hot and dry country. The average amount of rainfall each year is very low and is the highest is in February at a mere 0.7 inches for the month. November to March are the cooler months of the year and it is advisable for tourists - who are not used to hot climates - to go during this period. Booking an air ticket from November to March can make the trip a lot more pleasant for most travelers who wish to visit Qatar but want to avoid the heat at the same time. Your air ticket could vary in price depending on what time of the year you buy your air ticket.

Qatar - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toHamad International Airport・Heathrow International Airport(London, United Kingdom) ・OR Tambo International Airport(Johannesburg, South Africa) ・John F Kennedy International Airport(New York, United States of America) ・Hong Kong International Airport(Hong Kong) ・Dubai International Airport(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Flight Routes to Qatar

Qatar Airways is one of the worlds leading aviation companies and offers flights to many international destinations. Many travelers pass through Qatar as Doha is a layover point for long international flights. The main airport in Qatar is the Hamad International Airport.