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Republic of Congo Travel Tips and Information

Republic of Congo Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameCongo Republic
Population5.1 million
Country CodeCG
Country Code (international calls)242

The flight time to Republic of Congo is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Republic of Congo below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Republic of Congo.

The Republic of Congo is located in central Africa. The Republic of Congo is bordered by Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Angolan Exclave.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Republic of Congo

Visitors must obtain a visa from one of the Republic of Congo diplomatic missions. Visitors to the Republic of Congo from countries with no embassy can obtain a visa on arrival. Visitors that want to obtain a visa need to provide a letter of invitation from a citizen of the country. Citizens from Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Zimbabwe can visit without a visa for 90 days. Citizens of Iran and Angola that hold diplomatic or service passports do not need a visa when buying air tickets. Citizens of Kenya,Tanzania and Mauritius can obtain a visa on arrival when visiting the country. Other visitors can apply for a visa confirmation which is used to obtain a visa on arrival.

Things/Items Allowed into Republic of Congo

Passengers are permitted to import without incurring customs duty 100 individual cigarettes, 1 liter of alcoholic beverages and a reasonable quantity of perfume.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Republic of Congo

・Pictures of Government Buildings ・Money in Large Amounts ・Animals

Things/Items Forbidden into Republic of Congo

・Illegal Drugs ・Pornographic Material ・Explosives ・Alcohol ・Batteries ・Chemicals

Voice of Travelers to Republic of Congo

What do you enjoy about the Republic of Congo?

I boarded the kenya airways from kenya after purchasing a ticket and arrived here in the Republic of Congo yesterday. I really enjoyed my journey to the Republic of Congo and the crew on board was very cool and their services were very welcoming. What I enjoyed about the Republic of Congo is about the visa policy. At first I was worried but I was told that I am allowed to obtain it on arrival. I could have delayed purchasing a ticket to this country but now I am very excited to have visited the Republic of Congo. I have also enjoyed the welcome by the people of the Republic of Congo and I believe I will have alot more to enjoy in this country before going back to Kenya.

Which is the best place to stay in the Republic of Congo when you bought a ticket from another country?

I arrived here in the Republic of congo with a ticket from france two days ago. I boarded Airfrance into the Republic of Congo. I paid a ticket for first class services and they were extremely amazing. I have been staying at the Atlantic Palace Hotel. I have come to this hotel severally when I buy a ticket into the Republic of Congo. The hotel is great for business meetings. It has a nice gym, a big pool.Meals offered in this hotel are great. The people working in this hotel do their work well and services like laundry are done in time. This place has made my stay here in the Republic of Congo very comfortable and I really apreciate the services offered here in the Republic of Congo.

Republic of Congo Travel FAQs

Q. Why is the country popular for tourists?

A.The Republic of Congo has many attractions. Nature is the main tourist attraction in the Republic of Congo. Many people visit the Republic of Congo to visit the national parks and jungles that have gorillas, elephants and chimpanzees that can be observed at a close range. Other tourists go to enjoy the beaches on the coastline. Congo is a good place for those ready to explore the wild.

Q. What are some popular places to visit?

A. There are many fun sites for tourists. The best place for cultural shows and concerts is the Institut français du Congo. There are free events such as dance, art exhibitions, cinema, live music and much more. The institution has french language courses, computer courses and a restaurant. This place is good for visitors and locals who are greatly into shows, live music and art displays. Other places that tourists enjoy include Basilique St. Anne, Cathedrale du Sacre-Ceour de Brazzaville and Cathedrale Saint-Pierre.

Republic of Congo - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toPointe Noire Airport・Addis Ababa Bole International Airport(Ethiopia) ・Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport(France) ・Libreville Leon M'ba International Airport(Gabon)

Airports handling direct flights toMaya Maya International Airport・Port Bouet Airport(Côte d'Ivoire) ・Dubai International Airport(Dubai)

Airports handling direct flights toN'Djili Airport・Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport(Angola) ・Istanbul Atatürk Airport(Turkey) ・Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport(France)

Airports handling direct flights toLubumbashi International Airport・O. R. Tambo International Airport(South Africa) ・Jomo Kenyatta International Airport(Nairobi) ・Addis Ababa Bole International Airport(Ethiopia)

Flight Routes to Republic of Congo

There are many direct tickets flights into the Republic of Congo. The major direct ticket flights into the Republic of Congo are from within Africa from Ethiopia,Gabon,Democratic Republic of Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Angola, South Africa and Kenya.Other direct ticket flights are from other continents are from countries like France.