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Saint Croix

Saint Croix

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City CodeSTX
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
Flight Time4~7 hours

The flight time to Saint Croix is approximately 4~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Saint Croix.

Saint Croix

An island found at the Caribbean Sea, Saint Croix is a constituent district of the United States Virgin Islands, an unincorporated territory of the United States. Saint Croix is the territory’s largest island, with an estimated 2010 population of more than 50,000. Having been invaded by different countries, the island of Saint Croix was officially transferred to the United States in 1917. Its citizens were granted US citizenship in 1927. Once an agricultural area, the city of Saint Croix shifted to industrialization in the 60s.

Voice of Travelers to Saint Croix

A trip to the country's finest

My name is Danny from Atlanta. Last year, my wife asked me for an out of town water sports trip. Since I wanted it far and exotic, I stumbled upon Saint Croix in the US Virgin Islands. My wife and I booked a ticket via Delta Air Lines. During our flight, the staff were very accommodating and kind to us. We appreciated their sincerity. When we reached Saint Croix, we were astounded by its beauty. We asked for directions to Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve. The experience in the place was remarkable I knew right then that I got my money’s worth for the ticket I bought going to Saint Croix. My wife and I kayaked against the beautiful beaches. We even tried scuba diving. At night, we marveled at the bioluminescent planktons setting the ocean aglow. It was a wonderful experience. We will surely book a ticket back to Saint Croix.

Retracing history in Saint Croix

My name is Thea from Miami. A history major graduate, I am always fascinated with the history in certain parts of the country including Saint Croix. When I had the chance, I booked a ticket via American Airlines. The flight experience going there was remarkable thanks to the patient and understanding staff and crew of the place. When I reached Saint Croix, I was ushered to Christiansted National Historic Site. I bought a ticket to enter the museum. The Christiansted National Historic Site honors the urban colonial development of the islands. There were still 19th century establishments standing on the place up until now, and it is an honor to be able to witness such. The fort was stunning, and I imagined how it felt like to live before on the place. It was a nice, wonderful journey to Saint Croix. I would definitely book a ticket back.

Saint Croix Travel FAQs

Q. How do I avail of a ticket to Saint Croix?

A. Should you wish to fly to Saint Croix, you need to avail yourself of a ticket. You can secure a ticket by inquiring from airlines near you for an available ticket to Saint Croix. You may also seek recommendations for the plane ticket from travel agencies if nearby airline companies do not offer a ticket to Saint Croix. Furthermore, you may check online for any available ticket. There are several websites that mentions cheap ticket prices bound to Saint Croix at your most convenient schedule.

Q. Do I need a visa bound to Saint Croix?

A. US citizens do not need a visa to fly to Saint Croix. However, they need to prepare a ticket bound to the island. If you are a not a citizen of the US, flying to Saint Croix requires you a visa and passport like flying to any part of the mainland United States. Before you can avail of a ticket bound to Saint Croix, you need to comply with embassy requirements. However, through the Visa Waiver Program, tourists may book a ticket bound to Saint Croix without a visa provided that they only go to the place for business and tourism purposes.

Q. What are top destinations in Saint Croix?

A. The island of Saint Croix offers various historic, cultural, and natural attractions for tourists like you to enjoy. You may plan a trip and book a ticket bound to Saint Croix to witness attractions such as Hamilton’s Christiansted, Buck Island Reef National Monument, and Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve. You may also buy an admission ticket to enter tourist spots including Fort Christiansværn and Fort Frederik. Being rich in natural attractions, tourist usually book a ticket bound to Saint Croix for scuba diving, snorkeling, and other watersports.

Saint Croix - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Henry E. Rohlsen Airport ・Miami International Airport (Miami, Florida) ・Charlotte Douglas International Airport (Charlotte, North Carolina) ・Cyril E. King Airport (Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands) etc.

Flight Routes to Saint Croix

A variety of airline companies allows you to book a ticket to Saint Croix. From the US, you may book a plane ticket via airlines such as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and JetBlue Airways. Several airlines including Seaborne Airlines and Cape Air allows citizens from Puerto Rico to book a plane bound to Saint Croix. Norwegian Air Shuttle, on the other hand, lets citizens from Denmark to avail of a ticket to Saint Croix. It is essential to check online for the schedule and routes of airlines in order to book a hassle-free ticket.