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Quick Information before Travels to Serbia


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Official NameRepublic of Serbia
Population8.7 million
Country CodeRS
LanguageSerbian, Hungarian, Albanian, Rusyn, Romanian, Ukranian, Romani, Czech, and Macedonian
Country Code (international calls)+381
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The flight time to Serbia is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Serbia below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Serbia.

Serbia is a landlocked country in Europe. The country is bordered by Romania, Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Serbia

Serbia is within the Schengen Area. As such, travelers seeking to tour Serbia from the UK and other EU member states and those from the USA don’t require a visa besides an air ticket, bus ticket, or train ticket to enter Serbia. However, you’ll need to ensure that your passport is valid throughout your stay in Serbia. Again, the Schengen Visa only allows you to be within Serbia’s territories for not more than 90 days within a 6-month period. Tourists entering Serbia from Macedonia can enter and tour in Serbia for up to 60 days without requiring a visa. Those from the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and Belarus are exempted from acquiring a visa if they intend to be within Serbia for less than 30 days. Tourists coming to Serbia from other countries need to have a valid passport and visa. As a general requirement for all tourists coming to Serbia, you may also be required to provide a certificate of vaccination.

Things/Items Allowed into Serbia

Travelers are allowed to bring in without customs duty 1 liters of spirits, 1 bottle of perfume, 200 individual cigarettes, 50 cigars, and tobacco (250 grams).

Things/Items Forbidden out of Serbia

• Goods of Commercial Nature • Weapons • Unauthorized Articles of Cultural Value • Protected Species

Things/Items Forbidden into Serbia

• Firearms • Signal Flare Pistols • Undocumented gaming and hunting trophies • Razor Blades, Swords, Box Cutters • Explosives • Narcotics • Endangered Species

Voice of Travelers to Serbia

3-Day trip in Serbia

The organization that I’ve been working with arranged a 3-day tour in Belgrade last year. Everything from the choice of the airline - Air France - to the itinerary was amazing. We flew from CDG Airport on a first class ticket and arrived at Belgrade slightly past midnight. The air crew was helpful, and the seats were comfy. Our tour guide and driver had a pleasant personality and were so informative. The only slight difficulty I faced was booking my train ticket online.

Best tour in beautiful Serbia! Affordable air ticket, bus ticket, and train ticket

Hello? I’m calling from an amazing tour of the Kingdom of Serbia. I must say, everything about this country is just awesome. A train ticket or bus ticket is way cheaper than a train ticket and bus ticket in London and moving from point A to B in Serbia is fast and cheap. We stayed in 3 different luxurious hotels during the 7-day tour in Serbia. All the hotels were spacious and had lots of space and friendly staff.

Friendly people in a gem country

My workmates and I toured Serbia for a whole week. We used a train ticket from Munich to Belgrade, Serbia through the Austrian Alps, Slovenia, and Bosnia. The journey was quite long but full of excitement. From Belgrade, we booked a ticket for another train to Nis. We booked our train ticket online. A train ticket in Serbia is amazingly cheap. Nis has lots of exciting places to visit and things to do.

Serbia Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of currency is used in Serbia?

A. The Serbian Dinar is the only legal tender used in Serbia. Most tourist outlets in Serbia won’t take any other form of currency. Luckily, there are lots of exchange points in the cities of Serbia. Most airports and malls have exchange machines, and you can also find services in banks.

Q. What are the best places to visit in Belgrade, Serbia?

A. Serbia has endless tourist attractions and things to do. If you like visiting museums the Nikola Tesla Museum, Military Museum, and Museum of Aviation are all popular among visitors and are definitely worth a visit. For monument lovers, the Millenary Monument, the Residence of Princess Ljubica, the Belgrade Fortress, and the Eastern Serbia Medieval Kingdom are reccomended.

Serbia - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toBelgrade Nikola Tesla Airport• London Heathrow Airport • John F. Kennedy Airport • Charles de Gaulle Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toNiš Constantine the Great Airport• Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow 1 stop • Narita International Airport, Japan 1 stop • Beijing International Airport, China 1 stop etc.

Flight Routes to Serbia

Air Serbia connects Serbia to over 42 other airports around Europe, Asia, Africa, and the USA. The Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is the main airport in Serbia, and 24 airlines operate from this airport. There are buses and taxis available for travelers who wish to go to the city of Belgrade directly from the airport.