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Singapore Travel Tips and Information


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Official NameRepublic of Singapore
Population5.6 Million
Country CodeSG
LanguageEnglish, Malay, Tamil, Standard Mandarin
Country Code (international calls)65
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The flight time to Singapore is approximately 20~24 hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Singapore below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Singapore.

Singapore is a sovereign city-state and an island country in Southeast Asia. It lies one degree (137 kilometres or 85 miles) north of the equator, at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, with Indonesia's Riau Islands to the south and Peninsular Malaysia to the north. Known as the "Lion City", Singapore is famous for its booming economy and the strict regime of law and order it enforces.

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Visa and Immigration Procedures to Singapore

It is mandatory for people traveling to Singapore to hold a valid passport or a travel document with a minimum validity of 6 months at the time of departure, an onward or return air ticket, sufficient funds for the duration of their stay and to have entry documents (including a visa) to their next destination. Singapore has two visa assessment sections, Assessment Level 1 and Assessment Level 2. People with the Assessment Level 1 visa category can stay in Singapore for a maximum 30 days. Visitors from these countries can apply for an e-Visa to enter Singapore and stay for 30 days. Passengers from the USA, Australia, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland and the European Union can stay in Singapore for 90 days. Nationals that fall under Assessment Level 1 do not require a visa to enter Singapore. Those that fall under Assessment Level 2 require advanced visa approval into Singapore.

Things/Items Allowed into Singapore

Except for passengers from Malaysia, passengers over the age of 18 can bring a maximum of 1 liter of wine and beer if they stay outside Singapore more than 48 hours, or they may bring 2 liters of wine and 1 liter of beer, or 1 liter of wine and 2 liters of beer. Passengers can bring food items, subject to approval by the AVA. All cigarettes and tobacco products are subject to taxation.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Singapore

• Rhinoceros Horn • Animals (Require Permission) • Arms and Explosives • Toxic Chemicals and Pesticides • Rough Diamonds • Radioactive Materials • Currency (No limit but required declaration above SGD 20,000)

Things/Items Forbidden into Singapore

• Chewing Gum • Tobacco • Electronic Cigarette • Firecrackers • Pornography • Drugs

Voice of Travelers to Singapore

A Taste of Singapore

We had our ticket from Sydney to Singapore. It was our third family vacation to Singapore. Every time we go we make it a practice to buy air tickets on different flights to experience the difference. Last year we purchased our ticket with Cathy Pacific, and this time we purchased our ticket from Singapore Airlines.
The ticket we purchased from Singapore Airlines was an excellent experience. We had a real taste of Singapore on board; we will certainly book our ticket with Singapore Airlines again.

Absolutely Amazing trip

As usual, I had my economy class air ticket booked online. To me, it felt very comfortable flying with a ticket on a responsible carrier that always offers the best services for a reasonably priced air ticket.
Singapore is always my favorite destination for business and leisure. For my business trips I always buy my ticket from Emirates.

Singapore with family

Our London-Heathrow to Singapore economy class flight was a memorable trip. I am not British, but I prefer to travel British Airways; I purchased my ticket for BA because they have the finest service.
We were looking for holiday ticket package and booked our air ticket on economy class because we wanted to save every cent we could on the ticket and utilize the saving to make the trip more memorable. I was happy with the service and with the holiday group ticket package, so I keep a favorable preference for British Airways tickets.

Singapore Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the popular tourist destinations in Singapore?

A. Singapore is one of the best tourist spots in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the moment you have your ticket confirmed, you must start planning your trip as tourist spots are very busy. Some popular destinations include Marina Bay, Clarke Quay, Universal Studios Singapore, Gardens by the Bay, Raffles Hotel, Chinatown, Singapore Flyer, Sentosa, Singapore Night Safari, Little India and more.

Q. Whаt іs thе bеst tіmе tо vіsіt Sіngароrе?

A. Thе bеst tіmе tо trаvеl tо Ѕіngароrе dереnds uроn whеthеr уоu wаnt tо аvоіd busу реrіоds durіng bіg fеstіvаls, оr еmbrасе thе сrоwds. So, you can decide accordingly and purchase the ticket for your Singapore trip. Visiting Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale and Food Festival is popular among tourists.

Q. What are the important things to remember when you are in Singapore?

A. If you speak English, you will not have to worry about moving around in Singapore. Even though the accent may be slightly different, it is easy to understand and communicate. The city crowd is relatively refined and crime rates are lower in Singapore. However, you should be careful about your travel documents, such as your passport, ticket, etc. and be advised to keep your valuables in the hotel safe instead of carrying them around with you.

Singapore - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toSingapore Changi Airport・Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi ・Heathrow Airport, London ・Beijing Capital International Airport,China ・John F. Kennedy Airport, New York ・Dubai International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Singapore

Singapore's International Airport is officially known as the Singapore Changi Airport. 62 international routes operate out of Singapore Changi Airport by various airlines, including the national carrier Singapore Airlines. Low-Cost Carriers offering cheap air tickets also operate out of Singapore Changi Airport. There are many stop-over flights out of Singapore Changi Airport in addition to direct routes.