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Somalia Travel Tips and Information

Somalia Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameFederal Republic of Somalia
Population14.32 million
Country CodeSO
LanguageSomali and Arabic
Country Code (international calls)252

The flight time to Somalia is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Somalia below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Somalia.

Somalia is located on the Horn of Africa and is bordered by Kenya, the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden, Djibouti and Ethiopia.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Somalia

All visitors with booked tickets to Somalia must obtain a visa to enter the country. Tickets must be presented and the visa can be obtained upon arrival in Somalia. The visa is usually valid for a maximum stay of 30 days. Travellers to Somalia must provide a letter to the immigration department if they have been sponsored by a citizen of Somalia. Entry will be refused to citizens of Israel and to those who show stamps or visas from Israel.

Things/Items Allowed into Somalia

Household goods and personal items are permitted into the country. Other permitted items include 400 individual cigarettes, 1 bottle of wine or spirits and a reasonable amount of perfume.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Somalia

・ Pornography ・ Weapons ・ Livestock and Animals

Things/Items Forbidden into Somalia

・ Explosives ・ Illegal Drugs ・ Medical Samples

Voice of Travelers to Somalia

I booked a first-class ticket to Somalia. Great service

When I booked a ticket to Somalia, I never thought that I would experience first class treatment. First-class tickets were cheap to Somalia. My ticket to Somalia included amazing food and drinks. The first-class cabin was well designed and beautifully designed. I will definitely book tickets with Turkish Airlines when travelling to Somalia again.

Good flight with an Ethiopian Airlines ticket to Somalia

When flying to Somalia, my experience was unique. I was able to purchase a cheap ticket and the aircraft was new. Ethiopian Airlines have ordered a new fleet of aircrafts. Somalia is a very enjoyable place to explore. I will return to Somalia next year and plan to book my ticket soon. You will not regret visiting Somalia and must go! The people, food and attractions are awesome.

Why is travelling to Somalia such a unique experience?

Somalia is filled with natural beauty. There are a variety of tourist destinations for travellers who have booked tickets to Somalia. Historical locations and museums are sure to amaze visitors. Also, there are other destinations such as beaches and natural caves. While Somalia’s landmarks are complicated by the fact that some of them are out of bounds during periods of violence and conflict, there are certainly some attractions which should not be missed. Somalia boasts many natural landmarks, including national parks and mountains in which locals place a great deal of pride. Most of the attractions concern the region’s cultural and political history, which are interesting considering the current instability. Tickets to visit attractions are cheap. In Somalia, travelling by air is convenient and tickets can be booked by local ticket agents. In Laas Geel, cave paintings can be found. Lag Badana-Bushbush National Park is a lush green park and very beautiful. Tourists can also purchase a ticket to visit Sa'ad ad-Din Island in Somalia.

Somalia Travel FAQs

Q. Is Somalia safe to visit?

A. The US State Department and most Western nations advise that you avoid all travel to Somalia for any reason. Continuous activity by the al-Qaida affiliated terrorist group, al-Shabaab has resulted in numerous kidnappings, suicide bombings and generalized chaos. There is a particular terrorist threat to foreigners in places where large crowds gather and Westerners frequent, including airports, government buildings, hotels, and shopping areas.

Somalia - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toBosaso International Airport・ Hargeisa Egal International Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toAden Adde International Airport・ Moi International Airport (Kenya) ・ Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport (Ethiopia) ・ Abdullahi Yusuf Airport (Somalia) ・ Jomo Kenyatta International Airport  etc.

Flight Routes to Somalia

Direct flights to Somalia are available from Kenya and Ethiopia. The most reliable tickets to get into Somalia are with African Express, which has connections in Dubai, Nairobi, and other smaller Middle Eastern and East African airports.