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American Samoa Travel Tips and Information

American Samoa Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameTerritory of American Samoa
CapitalPago Pago
Country CodeAS
LanguageSamoan, English
Country Code (international calls)1684

The flight time to American Samoa is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of American Samoa below. Wishing you pleasant travels to American Samoa.

American Samoa is a US territory of 7 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean, 2600 miles southwest of Hawaii and 1800 miles northwest of New Zealand.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to American Samoa

To travel to American Samoa, every traveler needs a valid passport, a visa and a return or onward air ticket. US citizens and European nationals visiting American Samoa for 60 days or less do not require a visa.

Things/Items Allowed into American Samoa

American Samoa is a US territory, therefore the immigration customs regulations are the same as entering the continental United States.

Things/Items Forbidden out of American Samoa

• Medicine without a doctors prescription • Dangerous Weapons • Endangered Plants and Animals

Things/Items Forbidden into American Samoa

• Medicine without a doctors prescription • Dangerous Weapons • Plants and Animals

Voice of Travelers to American Samoa

Vacation trip to American Samoa

I am Wayne from Missouri. Last month, my girlfriend and I spent our vacation in American Samoa. We traveled to Hawaii by air and boarded Oceania Cruise to American Samoa. We searched online for the cheapest ticket weeks prior our departure to American Samoa and the cheapest air ticket to Hawaii was via Hawaii Airlines. One of the travel agents had advised us that the cheapest tickets can be found six weeks before your desired departure. As a couple traveling to American Samoa via Hawaii, the airline offered us a 6% discount on the ticket we bought. The travel experience to American Samoa via Hawaii was overall brilliant; the attendants were friendly and ready to help and great food and drinks were served. We are planning to spend our next vacation this year in American Samoa.

Great experience

I am Martinez from Peru. I am a lone traveler who enjoys visiting different parts of the world. Last month I made a pilgrimage to Ta'u Island in American Samoa. Being limited by capital, I searched online for the cheapest ticket eight weeks prior to my departure to American Samoa. Upon comparison, the cheapest ticket to American Samoa was via Samoa Air who offered a 5% discount on any ticket bought to attend the pilgrimage. Samoan flight attendants were friendly and offered a great travel experience.

American Samoa Travel FAQs

Q. What's the weather like in American Samoa?

A. American Samoa experiences tropical weather with two seasons, the dry season and wet season. The dry season is between April and September while the wet season is between the months of December and March. Therefore, when visiting American Samoa, light clothing is recommended throughout the year with a sweater for the cold evenings.

American Samoa - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toPago Pago International Airport•San Francisco International Airport (San Francisco, USA) •Charlotte Douglas International Airport (Charlotte, USA) •Berlin Tegel Airport(Berlin, Germany) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toFitiuta Airport•Manchester International Airport (Manchester, United Kingdom) •Malta International Airport (Valleta, Malta) •Prague International Airport(Prague, Czech Republic) etc.

Flight Routes to American Samoa

Pago Pago International Airport also known as Tafuna Airport is a commercial international airport serving American Samoa. Visitors can travel to American Samoa via Samoa Air, Alitalia, Hawaiian Airlines or Talofa Airways. All visitors are required to hold valid passports, return air tickets and visas if they do not qualify for the visa waiver program. Airlines like Hawaiian Airlines have direct flights to American Samoa.