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City CodeZAG
Popular Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Lufthansa German Airlines
Flight Time9~13 hours
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The flight time to Zagreb is approximately 9~13 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Zagreb.

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Zagreb is a small city and the capital of Croatia, a small country on the Adriatic Sea and in the Balkan Peninsula. Zagreb was originally founded by the Roman empire, and has been influenced by Balkan history for centuries since. Zagreb is a bustling economic center with a thriving tourism industry. Many of the tickets for Zagreb are used by European visitors who are on their way to the famous beaches on the Adriatic coast.

Voice of Travelers to Zagreb

The Museums of Zagreb

I took a number of European history classes in university, and I was always fascinated by the history of the Balkans. My friends and colleagues told me that Zagreb was one of the best cities to learn about Balkan history with many famous museums and exhibitions. When I had some free time off of work I bought a ticket from Air France for Zagreb. The flight to Zagreb was entertaining, as we got to fly low over a lot of European cities and see the sites from the air. The food on the flight was particularly good, especially for an economy class ticket. I spent a whole week buying tickets for different museums in Zagreb and learning all about fascinating Balkan history.

A Week on the Adriatic Coast

Everyone talks about the beaches in Spain, Greece and Italy, but very few people know that there are beaches that are just as nice and much cheaper tickets just outside of Zagreb on the Adriatic coast. My ticket from New York passed through Malta on the way to Zagreb on an Air Malta flight. I had never even heard of Air Malta before I bought a ticket to Zagreb, but they provide an excellent service for the ticket price. The plane was not too crowded so there was lots of legroom and we got a lot of attention from the helpful staff. I spent two days just relaxing in Zagreb before buying a cheap bus ticket out to the beaches on the Adriatic coast. I now recommend Zagreb tickets for a cheap beach getaway to all my friends and family.

Visiting Family in Zagreb

My family is split up all over the Balkan region, so I have a fun excuse to travel to different countries in the Balkans all the time. I bought a ticket for Zagreb with Air Serbia to visit my Croatian family members. The flight with Air Serbia was very short, but we got a nice lunch with the price of our ticket, which was a nice bonus. I met my family at the airport in Zagreb, and they took me to one of the nicer hotels in Zagreb for my stay. My family also recommended a number of good quality tour tickets that I could buy to see all the sites in Zagreb.

Zagreb Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Zagreb a main tourist destination?

A. Zagreb has been a destination for tourist tickets for decades, but mostly limited to tickets from inside Western Europe. Only recently has Zagreb become a destination for tickets from outside of Western Europe.

Q. What are the attractions in Zagreb?

A. The tourist attractions in Zagreb are split evenly between people who are buying tickets to head off to the nearby beaches on the Adriatic coast and the people who are buying tickets for the rich history in Zagreb itself. Zagreb's tourist industry is a little more reserved, without a lot of dedicated tourist areas or shopping, but there are many museum tickets and bus tour tickets available to soak up the history, culture and architecture.

Q. What are the people like in Zagreb?

A. Zagreb is famous for being a very friendly city. Zagreb is small and has a good standard of living, so the crime rate is very low by European standards. Many tourists who buy tickets for Zagreb are impressed by how clean and friendly Zagreb is.

Zagreb - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Franjo Tuđman Airport Zagreb •London Heathrow Airport •Vienna International Airport •Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport •Malta International Airport •Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Zagreb

Zagreb is mainly a destination for tickets from other locations in Europe. There are regular tickets for a few major hub airports to Zagreb from outside of Europe, but most tickets to Zagreb from outside Europe will pass through a main European hub before a direct flight ticket to Zagreb. Zagreb also acts as a Balkan hub, with many tickets for nearby Balkan capitals regularly available from Zagreb.