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City CodeADA
Popular Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
Flight Time11~17 hours
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The flight time to Adana is approximately 11~17 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Adana.


Adana is one of the main cities in southern Turkey. Besides being an local political and cultural center, Adana is also known for its industrial activities. Over 1 million people live in Adana.

Voice of Travelers to Adana

Airfare ticket to Adana from Dusseldorf

As I was invited to conference to Adana last year, I started looking for a cheap flight ticket. I found two options, a ticket for a direct flight from Dusseldorf to Adana, and a ticket with transit at Istanbul Ataturk airport. The ticket through Istanbul to Adana was cheaper but as I was in a hurry to get to Adana, I went for the more expensive ticket to Adana on a direct flight. This ticket was issued through a ticket portal and it was for Turkish Airlines who provided great service on both flight to Adana and back. I found Adana to be a charming city and I am thinking to look for a return ticket to Adana for next summer.

Visiting Adana on a return ticket from Beirut

I have already visited Adana several times on vacation. I always fly to Adana on a direct flight from Beirut with Borajet who give great service aboard. I always get a ticket for economy class. What is more, I always get a discount when I purchase my ticket through their online ticket portal. Last time I booked my ticket very late, so the ticket turned out to be more expensive, but I decided to travel to Adana in the last moment. The ticket was worth it because Adana is a great city.

Adana Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time to visit Adana?

A. Adana is a great city all year round. Adana gets little precipitation, so there is not really a rainy season in Adana. If you come to Adana in the summer, it might be quite warm. This is when most visitors to Adana head for the beaches. In the spring time, the temperature is just right for exploring Adana and its architecture.

Q. How can I reach Adana from London? Where can I get a flight ticket?

A. You can purchase your flight ticket to Adana from London through number of airlines, though there is not a direct flight to Adana operated at the moment. A ticket portal online, or a ticket agent will help you sort out the best deal with a cheap ticket to fly to Adana.

Q. What can I see in Adana?

A. Adana is one of the largest cities in Turkey. Adana is known for its great architecture. There is a Stone Bridge in Adana dating back to the Tomans. Most of the architecture in Adana is from the 15th and 16th centuries when many beautiful mosques and houses were built in Adana.

Q. Where can I buy a bus ticket to Adana from Adana airport?

A. You can purchase your bus ticket when you land in Adana - there is a ticket office at the airport. Buses number 135 and 159 will take you to Adana in a very short time. Should you prefer a train, there is a train connection between Sakirpasa town and Adana central station. The ticket for the train is about the same price as the ticket for the bus ride to Adana.

Adana - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Adana Sakirpasa Airport ・Rafic Hariri International Airport (Beirut) ・Frankfurt International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Adana

Adana Sakirpasa Airport is located outside of Adana city. Adana Airport serves domestic as well as international flights. It is possible to board a direct flight from Adana to Istanbul, Antalya or Ankara, while the international flight are mostly for European destinations.