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City CodeADF
Popular Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
Flight Time---- hours
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The flight time to Adiyaman is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Adiyaman.


Adiyaman is one of the largest cities in the southeastern Turkey. Adiyaman serves as capital of the province bearing the same name - Adiyaman. Most of the population of Adiyaman is of Kurdish descent. The number of inhabitants in Adiyaman is over 1.5 million.

Voice of Travelers to Adiyaman

Airfare ticket to Adiyaman from Istanbul

I often visit Adiyaman because my best friend lives there. Last time I went to Adiyaman this February, I started looking for a cheap flight ticket in December. I found two options, a ticket for a direct flight from Istanbul to Adiyaman, and a ticket to Adiyaman with transit at Ankara airport. The ticket through the Turkish capital was actually cheaper than the ticket for a direct flight, but I wanted to get to Adiyaman the fastest possible, therefore I went for the more expensive ticket to Adiyaman on a direct flight from Istanbul. This ticket was issued through my favorite ticket agent. I bought the ticket with Turkish airlines who provided the best of service on both flight to Adiyaman and back.

Visiting Adiyaman on an onward ticket from Erbil

My ticket agent booked my flight to Erbil directly from Istanbul, but on the way back from Erbil, there was no ticket left with Turkish airlines. My ticket agent called me to inform me, that there is a possibility of the kind of ticket which will include stopping at Adiyaman on the way back from Erbil. I don't think I heard of Adiyaman before so I told him to issue the ticket. The ticket was issued with Pegasus Airlines and the hotel in Adiyaman was actually included in the price of this ticket. I was glad to see Adiyaman - a new city for me - thanks to this onward ticket. Adiyaman is a great city with beautiful architecture. If I find a cheap return ticket, I want to go to Adiyaman for a city break.

Adiyaman Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the unique about the city of Adiyaman?

A. Adiyaman is visited because of many reasons. One of the reasons to consider Adiyaman is its city architecture and a laid-back atmosphere. Another reason to head for Adiyaman are the caves of Pirin which are located on Mount Nermut. This archeological site is located one five kilometers from Adiyaman and can be reached with public transportation with a cheap ticket.

Q. How can I reach Adiyaman from Dubai?

A. Adiyaman does not have a direct flight connection with Dubai. Therefore, no ticket can be issued for a direct flight between Adiyaman and Dubai. To reach Adiyaman, you might want to see the best ticket deal as offered through the online ticket portals. This will most likely be a flight from Dubai to Istanbul and then Istanbul Adiyaman.

Q. What is the best season to visit Adiyaman?

A. The best season to visit Andyiaman is definitely in the spring time when the temperatures in Adiyaman are the most pleasant. Late autumn is also good, even if it gets a bit chilly in at night in Adiyaman. If you are not interested in a cheap airline ticket, you should avoid the hot summer. An airfare ticket to Adiyaman often reflects the changes of temperature in Adiyaman.

Adiyaman - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Adiyaman Airport ・Istanbul Ataturk Airport ・Eseboga International Airport (Ankara)

Flight Routes to Adiyaman

Adiyaman airport serves the city of Adiyaman, providing a regular service withing Turkey. There are domestic flights from Adiyaman to Istanbul Ataturk airport as well as the Ankara Eseboga airport.