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City CodeALA
Popular Airlines
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Air Astana
  • Uzbekistan Airways
Flight Time15~18 hours

The flight time to Almaty is approximately 15~18 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Almaty.

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Almaty is a city in Kazakhstan. Almaty is the country;s largest city and 9% of the country's population lives in Almaty. Almaty is a commercial and cultural hub of Kazakhstan. Almaty has a large financial industry and serves as a business centre. Almaty is situated in a mountainous area with the Large and Small Almatinka rivers running through it. The word Almaty means city of apple trees as Almaty is host to a large variety of apple trees. Many researchers worldwide visit Almaty to learn more about apples. The city has tall buildings, like any metropolitan city. As Almaty exists in a mountainous area, mountains provide a naturally scenic backdrop to the skyline, adding to the city's beauty.

Voice of Travelers to Almaty

Ticket for my history loving husband

"Hello, I am Regina. My husband was always aversive to the idea of traveling. He hated the thought of even buying an airline ticket. I had been buying for us to go to a nice vacation but he simply refused. I had to save up to buy a ticket to Almaty on my own. I took the initiative to plan a vacation for us that he would like. Being a history enthusiast, I knew he would love Almaty. I finally saved up, bought us both a ticket and surprised him with his ticket. I knew he would be more shocked than surprised to see the ticket but i knew he would end up going with me in the end. i was very nervous but he absolutely loved the architecture and rich cultural history of Almaty. Now, he keeps asking me what destination he should buy a ticket for. He is already planning our next vacation!

Lovely trip to Almaty

This is Rob. My wife Jen and I are travel bloggers. We have visited many countries over the world. For our last visit, we got a ticket for Almaty. Before buying the ticket, we had virtually never heard of the city before. However, we found a poster of Almaty in the travel agent's office when buying the ticket and really loved the architecture. My wife and I both looked at each other and instantly deciding on buying the ticket for Almaty. When we got there, we loved the Soviet and Russian inspired architecture. The place also had a European feel. The people were very welcoming and kind. The city is also very beautiful because of the mountains and its scenic natural attractions. We got some nice photography done. You can check out some of them on our blog.

Almaty Travel FAQs

Q. What are some major attractions in Almaty?

There are loads of cultural tourist attractions in Almaty. The Akimat House of Almaty is a tourist hotspot for its interesting architecture. People buying a ticket to visit Almaty also often visit the Central Mosque Almaty for its Timurid style architecture. Other cultural tourist spots include Central State Museum for its rich history, Green Bazar, Monument of Independence and St. Nicholas Cathedral. There are also many tours and ticket to these tours offered in Almaty. You can find the details of these tours online. Some of these tours include sightseeing tours, tour to Charyn Canyon, tour to mountain ski resort Shymbulak and tour of the historic architecture of Almaty.

Q. What are the travelling requirements when visting Almaty?

To visit Almaty, you will need to buy an airline ticket, have a valid passport and make sure you fulfill the visa requirements of Kazakhstan. People buying a ticket to Almaty from certain countries such as United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Australia may not need a visa while other citizens of other countries might. Do check the visa requirements online when planning your trip and purchasing your ticket. Carry your passport, the visa document and ticket with you at all times during your visit. The passport can often serve as an important ID in many instances.

Almaty - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Almaty International Airport Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Flight Routes to Almaty

A number of air routes are available for Almaty. Flights offering direct ticket to Almaty are Lufthansa, KLM, flydubai, Turkish Airlines and SCAT Airlines. These airlines offer direct ticket from many cities such as Dubai, Sharjah, Istanbul and Beijing. Passengers can also choose one of these destinations as a stopover on their ticket when flying from a different location. People can buy ticket from Australia, London or even Turkey through different airline combinations in their ticket. Be sure to visit online for more ticket details.