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City CodeTSE
Popular Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Air Astana
  • Air China
Flight Time12~16 hours
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The flight time to Astana is approximately 12~16 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Astana.


Astana is a city in Kazakhstan and now the capital of the country. The word Astana literally means capital city. Astana is a planned city and became the capital only after it was developed. Astana is a beautiful amalgamation of culture, history and urban architecture. The architecture in Astana is captivating with a skyline comprising of many buildings such as Bayterek Tower, Khan Shatyr, Khazret Sultan Mosque and the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. One can also notice Russian and Soviet inspired architecture in Astana because of Astana's history.

Voice of Travelers to Astana

First summer trip in

Hello, I am Fae, an environmental conservationist from Toronto. I decided to buy a ticket to Astana for this summer to visit the international expo. I bought a ticket to Astana and a ticket to visit the expo. The Astana Expo was a great place to learn more about the future of energy. I also wanted to avail the most out of the ticket so I also roamed around in Astana a little. I loved the eclectic architecture and rich history. Because I am an environmentalist, I decided to stay in an Astana holiday village. They were outside of the busy downtown of Astana but still a part of the city. I stayed at the Guest House "Arlan". The view was breathtaking and the place even offered recreational activities. I believe spending my money of both of the ticket was worth it because I not only met people, visited the expo, learned new things, but I also got to experience a way of living that I admire.

Architecture tour

Hello, my name is Vera and I am an architect live in Dubai. In summer, I decided to buy a ticket for Astana because I had learned a lot about its architecture. I wanted to visit to explore the city. For my previous vacation, when I bought my ticket, I accidentally spelled my name incorrectly on the ticket. I was nervous about travelling with an incorrect official name on the ticket. I tried to get it changed but in the end travelled with the same ticket. This time, I decided to buy a ticket with a travel agency. It was a very smooth process and no spelling mistakes on the ticket were made. Since I now live in Dubai, I am now used to seeing many mosques. The mosque in Astana were, however, very different. I loved the architecture. The downtown skyscrapers were also beautifully built. I came back to Dubai inspired and energized.

Astana Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some major attractions in Astana?

There are a number of tourist attractions in Astana. The Golden Towers, locally called 'beer cans' are also great tourist attraction. One can see the downtown of Astana from Bayterek tower, whose picture is also on the new banknotes of Kazakh currency. You can also experience a tent-like shopping place called the Khan Shatyr in Astana.The third largest mosque in Central Asia exists in Astana and is called Nur Astana Mosque. The mosque stands out in its neighbourhood as it is surrounded by many modern houses. The mosque is made of glass, concrete, steel, granite and alucobond. The Palace of Peace and Concord is another building greatly appreciated by many. People often call it the eighth wonder of the world. There are also many monuments in Astana including monument to Kenesary Khan, S.Sfullin, and monument Otan Korgashylar.

Q. Which airline offers the cheapest ticket to Astana?

Air Astana offers ticket to Astana from many cities worldwide. People can buy a one-way or either round ticket, depending on their preference. There are also regular deals offered on an air ticket on Air Astana. Other airlines also offer discounted ticket to Astana, depending on certain aspects. It is always better to buy a ticket ahead in advance to avail optimal discounts. Airlines also offer last minute ticket deals that can entail great benefits.

Astana - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Astana International Airport Abu Dhabi International Airport

Flight Routes to Astana

There are a number of air routes available for Astana. Air Astana offers direct flight ticket to and from many international cities. The flight offers ticket to Dubai, Delhi, Bangkok, Omsk, Istanbul, Moscow, London and many others. Other flights that offer ticket to Astana are AtlasGlobal, flydubai, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Air China and others. These airlines offer ticket from different cities such as Abu DHabi, Dubai, Istanbul, Beijing and Frankfurt. People traveling from other cities can buy a ticket that offers one of these destinations as a stopover.