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The flight time to Avignon is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Avignon.


Avignon is a French city situated in the south of the country. Avignon is home to the famous Avignon university and the Roman ruins. People also visit Avignon during the Avignon festival.

Voice of Travelers to Avignon

Airfare ticket to Avignon

I flew to Avignon last year with Flybe from Birmingham. I bought my return ticket at an online ticket portal. My ticket to Avignon was quite cheap both ways. Both flights were great thanks to quality service of this lowcost airline. The ticket to Avignon through Frankfurt tends to be still cheaper though. Next time I need a ticket to Avignon, I will consider buying one ticket to Frankfurt, and another from Frankfurt to Avignon. I would love to see Avignon again for a short city break.

Visiting Avignon on a return ticket from London

I have already visited Avignon several times as my company has business partners in Avignon. I always fly to Avignon on a morning flight from London with City Jet which has always offered me a reasonably-priced ticket. Last time flying to Avignon, I decided to fly with British Airways to Marseille and then with a bus to Avignon because I could not find a ticket with CityJet, but this was an exception. This ticket was actually quite cheap as well, only the travel time to Avignon was considerably longer. The service aboard British Airways is always great though.

Avignon Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best season in Avignon?

A. The best season to visit Avignon is the spring. Spring is very pleasant in Avignon Avignon is, however, beautiful every season. Summer is the touristy season because of the Avignon festival and a flight ticket to Avignon in July tends to be quite expensive. Avoid flying to Avignon on a weekend if you want to find a bit cheaper ticket. The cheapest ticket for Copenhagen can be purchased in the winter, when Avignon gets a bit chilly. Yet this is the great time to come to Avignon and enjoy the city without the crowds of other visitors.

Q. How can I reach Avignon from Great Britain? Where can I get a flight ticket?

A. You can purchase your flight ticket to Avignon from three different destinations: London, Southampton and Birmingham. A ticket portal online, or a ticket agent can present you the offer, but there are both direct and transit flights to Avignon. You can search for your ticket on the ticket portals of CityJet and Flybe airlines. A ticket to Avignon in the winter season can be very cheap. A ticket purchased for main touristic season in Avignon (that means travelling at the time of the Festival of Avignon) will be more expensive.

Q. What are the most interesting sites of Avignon?

A. The most interesting touristic sites in Avignon include the Palace of the Popes as well as the other historic buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. Tourists also like the boats-turned-hotels in Avignon. The most tourist visit Avignon during the annual Avignon festival. The airfare ticket prices to Avignon reflect on the touristic season in Avignon with the most expensive ticket fare being at the time of the Avignon festival in July.

Avignon - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Avignon - Provence Airport ・London-City Airport ・Birmingham Airport ・Southampton Airport etc

Flight Routes to Avignon

There are no regular flights operated to Avignon and its Avignon-Provence airport at this time. The flights from the Avignon airport are only seasonal ones. It is possible to fly to Avignon on a flight from three British destinations: London-City, Birmingham and Southampton. No domestic flights are dispatched from Avignon Airport.