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City CodeBOG
Popular Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • American Airlines
  • AeroMéxico
Flight Time5~8 hours

The flight time to Bogota is approximately 5~8 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Bogota.

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Bogota is a city in Colombia's La Candelaria area. It's famous for its cobblestoned center and its healthy mix of the old and new. Bogota is made even more famous by the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The city is heavily influenced by both European and North American influences. Bogota experiences a subtropical highland climate. Thus, dry and rainy periods alternate all throughout the year. The driest months are usually between December to January and July to August. The hottest month is every March.

Voice of Travelers to Bogota

Avianca ticket to Bogota is worth it

Hello, I'm Lawrence from the Philippines. My friends and I have a list of places to visit in South America. Bogota, Colombia is one of our stops. We booked a ticket to Bogota from New York with Avianca. I want to say that my friends and I are very satisfied with the airline's services. From buying the ticket to the flight itself, their service was impressive. During the flight, my friends and I are relaxed and stress-free. The flight attendants were very polite and accommodating. They were fast in serving everyone onboard's needs. The food we ordered are delicious and hot. Also, the attendants made sure we're entertained the whole flight. We will definitely book a ticket with them again while going around South America.

Affordable ticket to Bogota from Avianca

Hi. My name is Belle from New York. I booked a direct ticket to Bogota with Avianca. I want to comment Avianca for providing such a good quality of service. Ticket selling platform is efficient. Check-in and boarding was a breeze. Flight attendants were friendly and accommodating. The flight had little turbulence. In-flight entertainment and food was great. I had an enjoyable and hassle-free flight. Buying a ticket from Avianca is definitely worth it. I recommend this to everyone flying to Colombia. I know I would book my next ticket with them.

Bogota is a real gem

Hello, I'm Anna from Miami. My sister and I have been apart for a long time, with her working in Sao Paulo. We decided to book a ticket and meet up in Bogota, and spend a week-long vacation there. I must say that the place did not disappoint. We had so much fun strolling around the city. I enjoyed walking along the Bogota Botanical garden. We also went church-hopping. My personal favorites are the Iglesia de San Francisco and Cathedral of Colombia. We also took the Andes EcoTours and Bogota Graffiti Tour. We also went to different museums and splurged at the Emerald market. I definitely want to come back and book a ticket to Bogota again. Bogota is truly a must-see city.

Bogota Travel FAQs

What airlines offer ticket and direct flights to Bogota?

Bogota is accessible by flights from cities like Miami and Madrid. Other cities that offer a direct ticket to Bogota are New York, Houston, and Sao Paulo. You can also get an air ticket from Mexico City and Santiago de Chile. Airlines that offer a ticket to Bogota are Avianca, LatAm, and United Airlines. Another airline you can book a ticket from to Bogota is Aeromexico and EasyFly. A tip: for a more affordable ticket deal to Bogota, book the ticket to Bogota on a weekday. Also, book your air ticket as early as possible.

When is the best time to book a ticket to Bogota?

Bogota is best visited during its dry seasons. So it is best to book your air ticket to Bogota between December to January and July to August. Bogota is a famous city in Colombia, so, summers can be touristy. It is best to secure your accommodation first before you book your air ticket. Also, for a better chance at grabbing a better ticket deal, book your ticket on a weekday. And, but your air ticket as early as possible.

I recently booked a ticket to Bogota, what are the attractions I can visit in Bogota?

Bogota is famous for its European and North American influences. Thus, it has a lot of sights and attractions to offer. After booking your ticket to Bogota, make sure you see its famous sights in your itinerary. You can visit places of history such as the Case de Moneda and Gold Museum. Or, you can eat out at the famous Prudencia. Buy dazzling emeralds at the Emerald Market. You can also visit art museums scattered around Bogota. Or, you can stroll along the Jardin Botanico Jose Celestino Mutis for a nature walk.

Can you please recommend places to stay in Bogota before I book an air ticket?

Bogota is a famous city in Colombia. Thus, it can be touristy, especially during summers. It is best to secure your accommodation. Before you book you air ticket to Bogota. Some of the places you can stay in are the Hotel Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia, Hotel Case Deco, and Bogota Marriott Hotel. You can also opt to book Sheraton Bogota Hotel or Four Seasons Hotel Bogota or Atton Bogota 100. Or choose from Bogota Plaza Summit Hotel and Hotel B3 Virrey. You may also choose to stay at the Hotel de la Opera or at the Hotel Rosales Plaza Bogota.

Bogota - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to El Dorado International Airport • Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport (Spain) •Mexico City International Airport(Mwxico) • Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (Colombia) • Miami International Airport (USA) etc.

Flight Routes to Bogota

The El Dorado International Airport's ranked among the busiest airports in the world. It serves tourists coming to Bogota, Colombia. Airlines offer a direct ticket and flight to Bogota from various cities. These includes a direct ticket from Madrid, Miami, Houston, and Sao Paulo. Other cities with direct ticket to Bogota is Lima, Londres, and Santiago de Chile. Airline operators that serve the airport are Avianca, Lat Am, and United Airlines.