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Colombia Travel Tips and Information

Colombia Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameRepublic of Colombia
Population48.65 million
Country CodeCO
Country Code (international calls)57

The flight time to Colombia is approximately 3~4 hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Colombia below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Colombia.

Colombia is located on the South American continent with some territories lying in Central America. The country borders Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

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Visa and Immigration Procedures to Colombia

Passengers of 95 different countries, including the member states of European Union, USA, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates can stay in Colombia without a visa for a period of 90 days. Travelers from Cambodia, China, India, Myanmar, and Thailand are granted visa-free access to Colombia provided they are already holders of a visa for the USA or a Schengen country. Other visitors are obliged to apply for their visa to Colombia at any of the Columbian consulates worldwide. A return ticket or an onward ticket are prerequisites for the visa to Colombia.

Things/Items Allowed into Colombia

Passengers are permitted to bring in 200 individual cigarettes, 50 cigars and less than 50 grams of tobacco as well as 2 bottles of alcoholic beverages. Other permitted items include personal effects such as clothing and toiletries.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Colombia

・Firearms and Ammunition

Things/Items Forbidden into Colombia

・Vegetables and Plants ・Meat

Voice of Travelers to Colombia

Transiting in Colombia with an onward ticket

I traveled on an onward ticket from Atlanta through Colombia to Brazil. The ticket was purchased with Delta Airlines. This onward ticket was expensive, but I really wanted to see Colombia on my way to Brazil, so I bought this ticket instead of a regular direct ticket to Sao Paolo. Delta Airlines offered great service and good food was included in the price of the airfare ticket onboard. I loved Colombia! I spent most of my three days in Colombia's capital. With a direct ticket to Brazil, this would not have been possible. Colombia has a great culture. I am not disappointed that I didn't buy a direct ticket to Sao Paolo because with such a ticket I would have missed discovering Colombia.

Return ticket to Colombia aboard LATAM Colombia

I took a short trip to Colombia from Bolivia last year. I booked a ticket online through a ticket portal. It was a return ticket Bolivia-Colombia-Bolivia with LATAM Colombia Airlines. I really liked the optional service of an SMS reminder for the flight time, which was included in the air ticket. The flight to Colombia was indeed delayed for five hours and LATAM Colombia notified me ahead of time which allowed me to wait at home instead of at the airport. Once I boarded the plane to Colombia, I saw that the interior of the plane was not updated and virtually no food was offered. It was quite a cheap ticket, so I didn't mind.

Colombia Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to visit Colombia?

A. Colombia is an equatorial country with variance in altitude, therefore no matter what season you visit there will be one region in Colombia that will be the climate you want. The climate is tropical along the coast, eastern plains, and Amazon; cold in the highlands with periodic droughts.

Q. How can I travel within the capital city of Bogota?

A. Bogotá is a city with eight million inhabitants, the biggest in Colombia and one of the biggest in South America. Traveling around the city may be a challenge. While taxis might be easy to use, it is also very expensive. Using public transportation is much cheaper. Bogotá is the only city in Colombia that has a bus system. It efficiently covers the whole city and is able to avoid traffic jams as it has a personal lane. The ticket for Transmillenio costs about 1 US dollar and the monthly ticket is a good bargain.

Colombia - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toEl Dorado International Airport・Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport ・Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris) ・Miami International Airport

Airports handling direct flights toJosé María Córdova International Airport・Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport ・John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York) ・Jorge Chávez International Airport (Lima)

Flight Routes to Colombia

There are direct flights to Colombia from both the American and European continents. Flights from Germany, Spain, France, and the Netherlands are operated on a regular basis. Colombia operates several of its own airlines, including Copa Airlines Colombia and LATAM Colombia which offer both international and domestic flights.