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City CodeDYU
Popular Airlines
  • Air Astana
Flight Time14~21 hours

The flight time to Dushanbe is approximately 14~21 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Dushanbe.


Dushanbe is the largest and is the capital city of Tajikistan. Dushanbe can be found by the confluence of the Varzob and Kafornihon rivers. Dushanbe, though not too rich in tourist attractions, is very rich in culture, diversity, and history. Museums and statues can be found all over Dushanbe. In terms of economy, Tajik Air has established its main office at Dushanbe Airport, offering various ticket flights to and from Dushanbe. Another major airline is the Somon Air, which also has it main office at Dushanbe. Somon Air, same with Tajik Air's ticket offers, serves ticket flights to and from Dushanbe. The name Dushanbe came from the fact that when Dushanbe was still a small town during its early beginnings, it had a famous market during Mondays. In the Persian language, Dushanbe means Monday.

Voice of Travelers to Dushanbe

My Trip to Victory Park

To take a break from office work, I booked a ticket to Dushanbe to visit the Victory Park. I particularly love hiking and sight-seeing. My ticket flight took me to one of my most memorable trips yet. I was able to hike to the top of the park, and dine at the restaurant overlooking the city. There are also many commemorative memorials like the Soviet commemoration of World War 2. I loved the sceneries and the view. Victory Park took my breath away and gave me the vacation I badly needed. When I plan my next ticket flight, I am surely considering going back to this awesome place.

Food Trip at Dushanbe

I am a foodie. I love exploring countries and discovering cultures through their food. I booked a ticket flight to Dushanbe and I went to the Zilioni Bazaar, which is the largest bazaar in the Dushanbe downtown area. I went around for almost two hours, and found so many great food. My ticket flight allowed me to discover the richness of Dushanbe culture through the wide variety of native food. There were nuts, dried fruit, vegetables, fresh fruits, meats, bread, and different spices. Many household products can be seen with the distinct design native to Dushanbe. I have bought some of the most unique foods and spices that I saw, and took them with me to add to my collection of food experiences. I have enjoyed my exploration in Dushanbe. The ticket flight and expenses were definitely worth the experience.

Dushanbe Travel FAQs

Q. Aside from plane ticket booking, what are the transportation means to get around in Dushanbe?

A. After booking your ticket flight to Dushanbe, there are many means to getting around the city. Shared taxis are very useful in going from one place to another. Minibuses, trolley buses, and regular buses also have many different routes around the city. If your ticket flight already cost you much and you want to cut down on expenses, you may want to avail of the bicycle rental service, which is really affordable and eco-friendly.

Q. What are the major sight-seeing places for tourists?

A. For tourists who booked a ticket to Dushanbe, there are many interesting places to explore. Some of the most notable ones are the Massive Statue of Somoni, Rohat Chaikhona, Museum of Antiquities, Gurminj Musical Instrument Museum, and Fort Hissar. These places are really rich in history and culture, which is worth the plane ticket to this place.

Q. What are the best recreational activities in Dushanbe?

A. All your expenses and ticket costs will be worth it because of the many recreational activities doable in Dushanbe. Some of the most famous places include the Victory Park, Sakhovat, Sadbarg, The Opera Ballet, Mayakovsky Theatre, Zilioni Bazaar, and the Korvon Bazaar. You will surely enjoy these places and you would want to book another ticket going back.

Dushanbe - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Dushanbe International Airport ・Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport ・Hamid Karzai International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Dushanbe

As Tajikistan's capital city, Dushanbe serves as a major avenue for air routes and ticket flights connecting to major parts of the world. The Dushanbe International Airport located in Dushanbe is the central hub for Tajik Air and Somon Air. Some of the major airlines and destinations that offer ticket flights to and from Dushanbe are flydubai for ticket flights to Dubai, Kam Air for ticket flights to Kabul, Turkish Airlines for ticket flights to Istanbul, Yamal Airlines for ticket flights to Moscow, and China Southern Airlines for ticket flights to Ürümqi, among others. Dushanbe airport is continuously being renovated and improved to bring it to international standards.