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Easter Island

Easter Island

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City CodeIPC
Popular Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • LATAM Airlines Chile
  • All Nippon Airways
Flight Time15~18 hours

The flight time to Easter Island is approximately 15~18 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Easter Island.

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Easter Island

Easter Island is an island in Polynesia which belongs to Chile. Easter Island is known for its monumental statues. Easter Island has continually been inhabited since the 8th century C.E. There are only 6 thousand people living permanently in Easter Island.

Voice of Travelers to Easter Island

Airfare ticket to Easter Island

I booked a trip of Chile with a two day visit of Easter Island. We left Santiago in the morning, flight on a return ticket. I booked the ticket altogether with accommodation in Easter Island at a travel agency. The transport from the airport in Easter Island to the hotel was included in the price of the air ticket. I flew with LATAM Chile which offered great service. After seeing the famous statues, I wanted to stay in Easter Island a bit longer so I tried to change my return ticket for a later date. However, this was not possible as no ticket for later flight were available at that point. LATAM Chile is the only the only airline that flies to Easter Island. Easter Island was amazing, It is a pity that Easter Island is so far away and the airfare ticket is so expensive to get there.

Visiting EasterIsland with an airfare ticket for the first class

I visited Easter Island last year. I was invited to Easter Island for a short visit by a business partner so my costs were covered by his company. I flew with LATAM Chile for free as my ticket was booked for the first class from Santiango to Easter Island. The airfare ticket must have been quite expensive, much more expensive than if the ticket was issued for the economy class. I did not buy the ticket though. The service aboard LATAM Chile was just great. Easter Island is a magic place. I would love to return to Easter Island again, even if this time I am not invited and I have to pay for my plane ticket to Easter Island myself.

Easter Island Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to visit Easter Island?

A. The best time to visit Easter Island is in the winter months when the temperatures in Easter Island are in their twenties. This is the most pleasant season in Easter Island. An airfare ticket to Easter Island can me the most expensive at this time though.

Q. How can I reach Easter Island from Tegucigalpa? Where can I get a flight ticket?

A. If you are looking for an airfare ticket from Tegucigalpa to Easter Island, you should check out the one of the local airlines with operation to Santiago. Once you are in Santiago, you can buy a ticket from Santiago to Easter Island for a direct flight. LATAM Chile has flights to Easter Island on daily basis with a return ticket for a reasonable price. Remember that the return ticket can be cheaper than a single ticket purchased separately for your flight to Easter Island.

Q. What are the highlights of Easter Island?

A. Easter Island is known for its large statues depicting humans which are called moai. There are number of these statues in Easter Island and Easter Island was pronounced a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1995 because of these statues. Most people visiting Easter Island come to see moai.

Easter Island - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Mataveri International Airport ・Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (Santiago) ・Fa'a'a International Airport (Papeete) etc.

Flight Routes to Easter Island

There are only two destinations to which flights from Easter Island are dispatched. You can fly to and from Eastern Island to Santiago, the capital of Chile and Papeete, capital of Tahiti. To reach Easter Island from other destinations, it is necessary to transit at these two airports.