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Chile Travel Tips and Information

Chile Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameThe Republic of Chile
Population18.3 million
Country CodeCL
LanguageSpanish (castellano)
Country Code (international calls)56

The flight time to Chile is approximately 10~12 hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Chile below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Chile.

Chile is a country located on the western side of South America. The neighboring countries of Chile are Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and the Drake Passage.

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Visa and Immigration Procedures to Chile

Many countries are exempt from the visa requirement and nationals from the visa exempt countries may stay in Chile for 90, 60, 30 or 21 days depending on the country of origin. Travelers who are required to obtain a visa can do so in advance at a Chilean Embassy or Consulate.

Things/Items Allowed into Chile

Travelers are permitted to bring in 2.5 liters of liquor and 400 individual cigarettes. However, fresh seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, honey and untreated wood are strictly prohibited.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Chile

・Guns ・Ammunition ・Explosives ・Illegal Drugs ・Pornographic Material

Things/Items Forbidden into Chile

・Pets ・Guns ・Explosives ・Illegal Drugs ・Ammunition ・Pornography

Voice of Travelers to Chile

A ticket to Chile from the lottery

Hello. I am Amy from Germany and I want to tell you about the story of my ticket to Chile. I had a big dream to travel to South America, but Chile in particular, and I had a plan to work hard to buy a ticket to Chile. But my family was short of money, so I could not even dream about a ticket in the near future. But the ticket to Chile came even sooner than I could expect. I used to buy a lottery every time I got my salary. The lottery had some prizes and a ticket to Chile was included in it. I always believed I would win the ticket one day. That day finally came... I bought the lottery as I do every month. I checked it and the phrase "ticket to Chile" was right in front of me. I could not believe it! My dream finally came true! It was easy for me to pick up my ticket, and book my flight. The airline was Alitalia, and all the staff I met were kind and polite. The plane was clean and quiet, and the service was fantastic. I enjoyed my trip to Chile so much, but I definitely want to go back and explore even more – I will have to keep playing the lottery to see if I win another ticket!

One ticket to Chile instead of two

I am Leon, and I’m from the UK. I will tell you my sad story about my ticket to Chile. I had a long-term girlfriend for many years, and we used to plan all sorts of trips and adventures together. We saved up a bit of money, and finally chose to buy our ticket – we’d chosen Chile as our first destination. Two days before we were due to go, I found out that she had been cheating on me. I was devastated, and had no idea what to do about my ticket to Chile. In the end, a friend persuaded me to go so that I could relax and take my mind off the break-up. The ticket was with British Airways, and I told the staff my story of why I only had one ticket and an empty chair, and they were so sweet and caring. The plane journey was smooth and seamless with a great meal, and I arrived in Chile feeling more relaxed already. The holiday taught me that I can have great experiences by myself, and I made plenty of friends there, and returned with great memories of Chile – I’m so glad I didn’t sell my ticket!

Chile Travel FAQs

Q. What should I be careful of in Chile?

A. Unlike in other Latin or Soth American countries, bribing is absolutely unacceptable. The police in Child has close ties with the military so please be careful not to bribe anyone. Additionally, Chile experiences frequent earthquakes like Japan does. In the case of an earthquake please keep calm and stay away from objects that fall down.

Q. What kind of clothes will I need in Chile?

A. What you pack will depend on the time of year you're visiting, and where in Chile you want to visit. If your ticket is booked for the winter, bear in mind that it can be a bit chilly and wet, and some inland regions even get frost and light snow. Summers can be very hot and nearly always dry, although it is humid in the southern region. It is best to layer your clothing and bring along both short and long pants.

Chile - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toAchao Aerodrome・Miami International Airport (Miami) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toSan Gerónimo Airport・Merzbrück Airport (Germany) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toAlhué Airport・Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Atlanta, USA) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toAlto del Carmen Tres Quebradas Airport・John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York, USA) etc.

Airports handling direct flights toAlto Palena AirfieldHeathrow Airport (United Kingdom) etc.

Flight Routes to Chile

Major airlines that offer flights to Chile include American Airlines, Alitalia, United, Delta, Air Canada, Air France, Qantas and Iberia. The most common entry point for overseas visitors is the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport. There are non-stop international flights available from all over the world and the airport is connected to cities in the Americas, Sydney, Auckland, Papeete, Frankfurt and Madrid.