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City CodeHRE
Popular Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • South African Airways
Flight Time16~23 hours

The flight time to Harare is approximately 16~23 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Harare.


Harare is situated on the north eastern part of Zimbabwe, a country in the southern part of Africa. Harare is the economic center and also the capital city of Zimbabwe. Harare has a population 0f 1,606,000 people and an area of 960.6 square kilometers. Harare economy is supported by trade  in cotton, maize and fruits.as well as Industrial goods which include  include steel, chemicals and textiles.. Visitors with a ticket are able to come and view the various game parks in Harare. A ticket to any of those parks is available on site. 

Voice of Travelers to Harare

Free trip to Harare

We had always wanted to visit Africa. We did not know our dreams would come that soon. We registered in Dream trips with my husband recently. This ended up in us having a discounted trip to Harare in Zimbabwe. We got everything else ready for the trip the ticket, visas, and accommodation details. The ticket via British airways took twelve hours with one stop in Egypt. Finally we arrived and we had to sleep in the first day due to jetlag. We chilled in the hotel's bar the first night and had such an amazing time. The second night we went on a tour to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The view was spectacular. The rest of the days were full of laughter and happiness.

Volunteer Africa in Harare

Hi my name is Loki. I am a volunteer in Volunteer Africa. One of our volunteer trips involved going to teach in Harare. I got my air ticket from South African airlines who had discounted air ticket fare negotiated by the volunteer group. We arrived in Harare and began work almost immediately. A ticket would normally cost 20% more than what we paid. We enjoyed interacting with the kids in Harare. Made several trips for donations in the slums around Harare. When everything was done in Harare we had to get back home. We got the return ticket using the same airline who had incredible flight services.

Harare Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to travel to Harare?

A. The months of April and August are the best months to visit Harare. This is because Harare experiences very little rain and temperatures are 29 degrees celsius. August is the best time to go on safari, fishing in Harare. Avoid the month of October as it gets very hot. Get your ticket from your preferred airline during these months.

Q. What are the main tourist attractions in Harare?

A. Tourists can visit the Domboshava in Harare which means red rock which is a great place to have a picnic and see caves and paintings. A ticket costs approximately 4 USD. There is also Wild is Life sanctuary if you are an animal lover and a ticket costs 95 USD. There is also the National Gallery where one can see the sculptures, paintings and exhibitions done by local artists. There are also Haka Game Park and Mukuvisi Woodlands that have fai entry ticket prices in Harare.

Q. What are the travel documents needed when travelling to Harare?

There are several documents needed by a traveler when entering Harare. They include the air ticket, passport and identification card. There is however the option of acquiring your tourist visa at the airport if one could not acquire one earlier prior to travelling.

Harare - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Harare International Airport ・OR Tambo International Airport ・Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ・Addis Ababa Bole International Airport  etc.

Flight Routes to Harare

Harare International Airport located in Harare serves the city and the country as a whole with local and international flights. There are many airlines that use Harare airport such as Kenya Airways British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airlines, Air Zimbabwe among others. Get all your other documents required ready when travelling to Harare.