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Zimbabwe Travel Tips and Information

Zimbabwe Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameRepublic of Zimbabwe
Population16.15 million
Country CodeZW
LanguageEnglish, Shona and Ndebele
Country Code (international calls)263

The flight time to Zimbabwe is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Zimbabwe below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is located in the southern part of Africa and is bordered by South Africa to the south, Zambia to the north, and Mozambique to the east and northeast.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Zimbabwe

Please be sure to have all visa related documents completed before booking your air ticket. To attain a visa for Zimbabwe, you must complete the visa application form, pay the non-refundable fees for the application, and provide two passport-size photographs. The process will take from three to five business days. There are countries whose nationals are not required to obtain a visa to enter, such as the U.S. There are also countries like Brazil and Egypt that can be granted a visa upon arrival. Please double check with your embassy for the correct procedures.

Things/Items Allowed into Zimbabwe

Each person, irrespective of age, is permitted a maximum allowance of USD 300 or equivalent in new and used personal effects including tobacco products for the duration of their stay. Passengers 18 and above may bring in 5 liters of alcohol.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Zimbabwe

• Goods more than a value of ZWR 5,000 • Drugs • Weapons • Art Objects • Monuments

Things/Items Forbidden into Zimbabwe

• Narcotics • Amphetamine Drugs • Honey • Indecent or Obscene Literature • Toy Firearms • Flick Knives • Lockable Blade Knives

Voice of Travelers to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is the best place for handmade products

I had heard a lot about Africa, especially Zimbabwe. I found that Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, is the best place to travel to. There is a place called Doon Estate in Harare where you can buy many handmade products. I’ve purchased things like the confectionery, coffee mugs, leather bags and much more. I really enjoyed Victoria Falls for bungee jumping, it was a remarkable experience. Please note that once you have booked your ticket to go bungee jumping, it will not be refunded should you change your mind. It was a great experience, and you will definitely enjoy your time in Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls is a Must-See!

I booked my air ticket to Zimbabwe and stayed in the capital for about two days. Then I booked another ticket to Victoria Falls. You should definitely consider adding a ticket to Victoria Falls! There are beautiful sights of famous waterfalls, mountains, and much more. Zimbabwe is a great place to visit in Africa. The locals there are helpful and friendly, the view is amazing and the weather is awesome.

The Zambezi River

My visit to Zimbabwe was a unique visit. I'm a seasoned fisherman who needs to constantly be fishing. I booked an air ticket for Fly Dubai from Dubai to Zimbabwe to visit the Zambezi River. I had read that the Zambezi River is one of the largest rivers in Africa, covering up to 2700 kilometers from Zimbabwe. I was aiming for tiger fishing in Africa. There were all types of facilities for fishing like cottages, camps, boats, cooler boxes and much more. The people there were nice, and the accommodation was luxurious. I also purchased a ticket for Hwange National Park, which is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Zimbabwe. It has almost 500 species of animals and birds. My trip to Zimbabwe is unforgettable. I cannot wait to go back!

Zimbabwe Travel FAQs

Q. How is the weather in Zimbabwe?

A. Summer in Zimbabwe starts from November and ends in March, and it is very hot. However, Zimbabwe also has a rainy season with lots of cloud coverage, keeping things cool. The best time to book your air ticket to Zimbabwe is for the winter time which is from May to the end of August. The country has virtually no rainfall and is always sunny and cool. If you are interested in a morning safari experience, please note that it can get very cold. So be sure to bring more layers.

Q. Should I take binoculars to Zimbabwe?

A. Yes, it is very important! Especially if you are a keen birdwatcher. Also, do not forget to declare your binoculars upon arrival to avoid issues with customs and immigration.

Q. Do I need any certificate for vaccinations to enter Zimbabwe?

A. No, there is no need to provide any certificate for vaccination to enter Zimbabwe. But make sure to take precautions against Malaria before booking your air ticket to Zimbabwe, especially in the summer season. In addition, there are physicians in Zimbabwe that will be able to provide further assistance and guidance regarding Malaria in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toHarare International Airport• Dubai International Airport • Kenneth Kaunda International Airport • O. R. Tambo International Airport • King Shaka International Airport • Julius Nyerere International Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toJoshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport• O. R. Tambo International Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights toVictoria Falls Airport• Cape Town International Airport • Maun Airport • Addis Ababa Bole International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Zimbabwe

Harare International Airport is the major airport of Zimbabwe. There are many direct flights from Dubai, Addis Ababa, Rwanda, etc. Air Zimbabwe is the national airline of Zimbabwe.