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Naples (Italy)

Naples (Italy)

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City CodeNAP
Popular Airlines
  • Aeroflot Russian Airlines
  • Air France
  • Klm Royal Dutch Airlines
Flight Time9~14 hours
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The flight time to Naples (Italy) is approximately 9~14 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Naples (Italy).

Naples (Italy)

Naples is located on Italy's South-West coast. It is Italy's third largest city. Naples is a city with long and rich history going back to sixth century BC. Naples' expansive historic centre is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. On the outskirts of Naples there's an impressive volcano called Mount Vesuvius. Naples is famous as the birthplace of pizza and the lemon liquor limoncello. It has numerous Michelin-starred restaurants.

Voice of Travelers to Naples (Italy)

Constance from France

I'm Constance from Paris and I would like to share my experience visiting Naples. I got a AirFrance ticket to Naples as a present from my husband. He gave me the ticket as a gift for our anniversary. Of course he got a ticket for himself too. In Naples we stayed in a charming hotel overlooking Mount Vesuvius. In the evenings we went on romantic walks along the promenade. My husband also managed to get us some tickets to see the opera in Naples. The trip was very memorable.

Giovanni from New York

My name is Giovanni and I'm from New York. I always dreamt of going to Naples as that is where my grandfather is from. He told me many stories about Naples and what a great city it is. Finally, I made the decision and bought my air ticket. I opted to fly with Meridiana. I bought a Flex ticket, which meant I could change my flight dates free of charge if my plans changed. While on board I was served 2 great meals and some snacks. The dinner was especially good and consisted of an appetizer, a first course, a second course, cheese, dessert and fresh fruit. Naples exceeded my expectations. There so much to see and do and the food in tavernas is delicious.

Eva from Czechia

My name is Eva and I am from Prague. A plane ticket to Naples was a great choice. I flew with easyJet and I am really pleased with my flight experience. The stewards onboard were all very friendly and helpful. I am a cook and love delicious food. Naples prides itself as the home of pizza. While in Naples I signed up for a cooking course. I learnt how to make amazing pizza, cook traditional ragú sauce and how to bake light and flaky sfogilatella pastries. I will definitely be using these recipes in my restaurant.

Naples (Italy) Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of plane tickets are available to Naples?

A. This depends on the airline and duration of fight. Airlines operating intercontinental flights might offer economy, business and first class tickets, while many European budget airlines offer only economy tickets. For premium class tickets on shorter flights look to national airlines. If you participate in airline point-collecting schemes, premium tickets are usually worth more points.

Q. Is it safe to visit Naples if there is a volcano so near?

A. Yes, a trip to Naples is relatively safe. Although Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano it has not erupted since 1944. Moreover, Naples is well prepared in case of an emergency. Therefore do not let worry about the volcano stop you getting an air ticket to Naples.

Q. I'm thinking about buying an air ticket to visit Naples. What season would you recommend I get a ticket for?

A. Naples is great year-round, so you could book your tickets for any season. If you buy an air ticket for June, July or August you are almost guaranteed hot, sunny weather. To avoid crowds, while still enjoying sunny weather choose to get a ticket for May or September. Winters in Naples are usually mild so it's fine to get tickets for then. If you would like to see the Nativity scenes and cribs get a ticket for December.

Naples (Italy) - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Naples International Airport ・Barcelona El Prat Airport ・John F. Kennedy International Airport ・London Heathrow Airport ・Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Naples (Italy)

Naples is very well connected with the rest of Europe. It is also possible to buy direct intercontinental flight tickets from and to Naples. Naples is connected to New York