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City CodeOSL
Popular Airlines
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • Klm Royal Dutch Airlines
Flight Time8~11 hours

The flight time to Oslo is approximately 8~11 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Oslo.

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With a population of over 650,000 residents Oslo is the third populous city in the Scandinavian Region. Oslo is also the commercial, administrative and capital of Norway. Oslo is located on top of Oslofjord with forests and mountains enclosing the city. Oslo has several lakes and islands located within the city limit with the largest lake being Malmoya.

Voice of Travelers to Oslo

Atteneded Oslo Jazz Festival

I am George from Florida I am a fan of Jazz, Classic and Rock music. Last year August, I took a break from work and travelled to Oslo to attend the Oslo Jazz Festival held annually to ease pressure from myself . I had started planning early last year and timed for the cheapest ticket to Oslo. I searched online for the cheapest ticket weeks prior my departure to Oslo. Ticket to Oslo are cheaper six weeks before your travel time and it is advisable to purchase your ticket weeks before traveling. Delta Airlines offered the cheapest ticket compared to other airlines. The travel experience using a non stop flight from Florida to Oslo was awesome with their flights attendants being pleasantly friendly and offered great food that I guess was satisfying to everyone.

Attending Nobel prize ceremony in Oslo

I am Professor Moura from Madeira, Portugal. I as a professor of Chemistry at the University of Lisbon. Last month I attended the Nobel Prize Ceremony held in Oslo. I have been to Oslo a couple of times for work related activities but I must admit that my last trip experience to Oslo was incredible. Normally, the university organizes everything from air ticket to accommodation ticket to Oslo. The last time I wanted to experience a different travel experience travelling with a different airline. I asked my secretary to book both the accomodation ticket and air ticket to Oslo with a different vendor. She told me that searched online for the cheapest ticket and found one, days prior to my travel. Scandinavian Airlines offered the cheapest ticket to Oslo compared to other airlines. With a business class ticket they offered awesome services and their flight attendants were exceptionally friendly and with inflight entertainment, my travel experience was marvelous.

Oslo Travel FAQs

Q. How do I buy a ticket to Oslo?

A. You can purchase a ticket to Oslo either by buying it online or visiting the corresponding travel companies by yourself. Searching online for the ticket to Oslo is the best way to compare ticket and choose an affordable ticket to Oslo. Cheapest ticket to Oslo can be bought online six weeks before your departure.

Q. How is traffic in Oslo?

A. Oslo experiences heavy traffic during the rush hour. The rush hours in Oslo are on weekdays between 7. a.m to 10 a.m. and between 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. You can rent a car in Oslo but you need a parking ticket and gas which are relatively expensive in Oslo. If you want to use public transport, Oslo has train and a bus network that services the city.

Q. How is Oslo weather?

A. Brisbane experiences a humid continental type of climate with warm or cool weather most of the times of the year. Summers are pleasant with frequent spells and long sunny days. In winter, temperatures in Oslo drop to slightly above the the freezing point with cold spells. A lot of snow accumulate in forested areas making Oslo a greater place for winter outdoor activities. Rainy season is spread across the year with the wettest month being August.

Oslo - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen •Vienna International Airport (Austria) •Vaclav Havel International Airport (Czech) •Helsinki International Airport (Finland) •Hamburg International Airport (Finland) etc.

Flight Routes to Oslo

Oslo International Airport is a commercial service airport serving the residents of Oslo located 47 km from the city center of Oslo. The airport is one the largest and busiest airport in Nordic countries. The airport is the main international gateway to the Norway with direct flights from some countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and North America. One can travel to Oslo using Scandinavian Airlines, KLM Airlines, American or British Airways with the requirements being a valid passport, a visa, if you don't qualify for a visa waiver program and an air ticket. One can purchase a ticket online or visit travel agents worldwide to purchase the ticket.