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City CodePMO
Popular Airlines
  • Air China
  • Alitalia
  • Qatar Airways
Flight Time9~14 hours
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The flight time to Palermo is approximately 9~14 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Palermo.


Palermo is the capital city of Sicily, Italy's biggest island. Palermo is one of the oldest cities in Italy and it is a melting-pot of different people and cultures. Sicilian cuisine is a delicious mix of Greek, Arab, Norman and Spanish influences. Palermo boasts beautiful Arab-Norman architecture. Palermo has a stunning harbour and is in proximity of impressive mountains.

Voice of Travelers to Palermo

Niels from the Netherlands

Hi, I'm Niels from Amsterdam and I recently came back from Palermo. I flew to Palermo from Amsterdam with Transavia. I booked my ticket few months in advance and got a really good price. The service on board was good and I enjoyed the Transavia's onboard magazine. I volunteered at a children's English summer camp while there. It was a great experience. For the three weeks I spent in Palermo in July it only rained once. I took the children kayaking on the sea and the water was so warm. I also enjoyed going snorkelling while in Palermo. I also bought a ticket and went on an excursion to Museo Archeologico Regionale which had some fascinating exhibits. On my flight back home from Palermo I bought some duty-free perfume on board, which I intend to give to my girlfriend.

Svetlana from Russia

My name is Svetlana and I am from Moscow. I booked tickets to Palermo to escape gloomy autumn weather in my home city. Aeroflot emailed me my flight ticket confirmation. I made sure to add airport lounge access to my ticket. On board I enjoyed the in-flight entertainment of blockbuster movies. While in Palermo my husband and I did a lot of sightseeing of beautiful, old churches. When often went to Palermo's biggest market La Vucciria which is full of food stalls selling fresh produce. We also visited the vineyard just outside of Palermo. A ticket to the vineyard included a guided tour and wine sampling.

Hans from Germany

Hi, I'm Hans from Frankfurt. I just returned from a week long holiday in Palermo. I wasn't sure where to go on holiday, so I opted for the Lufthansa Surprise ticket. The way this ticket works is you select a travel topic and how long you would like to go for and then Lufthansa selects your destination for you and you get your ticket. My mystery ticket turned out to be to Palermo. I haven't been to Sicily before, so this was very exciting for me. The flight to Palermo was good and the staff on board professional. The snack served was tasty and I even managed to watch an episode of my favourite TV show on my tablet via the Lufthansa app. Thanks to my Lufthansa Surprise ticket I had a real adventure.

Palermo Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much baggage is included with a typical ticket to Palermo?

A. This will depend on which ticket to Palermo you buy. Usually a budget airline ticket will not include checked baggage. You will always be able to take a small bag onto the plane. Some budget airlines like Ryanair let you take two small bags with a standard ticket. Most national carriers will include checked baggage with every ticket. However, you should carefully read the conditions when buying your ticket. Checked baggage can often be purchased online when you buy your ticket if it is not included.

Q. I am considering renting a car to drive around Palermo. Is this recommended?

A. Driving in Palermo can be chaotic, so only choose to drive if you an experienced and confident driver. Palermo has a well-connected and affordable public transport. A 24 hour public transport adult ticket costs €4. You can also get tickets for sightseeing bus tours of Palermo.

Q. Is English widely spoken in Palermo?

A. Unfortunately not, but most staff employed in the tourism industry speak at least basic English.

Palermo - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Falcone-Borsellino Palermo Airport ・John F. Kennedy International Airport ・London Heathrow Airport ・Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport ・Berlin-Schönefeld Airport ・Munich Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Palermo

Majority of flights to Palermo are from Rome and other parts of Italy. There are also direct flights to Palermo from various European destinations. It is also possible to buy a direct ticket to Palermo from Moscow and New York.