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City CodeREC
Popular Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • LATAM Airlines Chile
  • Gol Intelligent Airlines
Flight Time8~15 hours

The flight time to Recife is approximately 8~15 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Recife.


Recife is the city of northern Brazil. There are almost four million people living in the metropolitan area of Recife. Recife is sometimes called the Venice of Brazil.

Voice of Travelers to Recife

Airfare ticket to Recife from Milan

I decided to visit Recife on a vacation. Recife was on the offer as a package vacation where in the final price, accommdation as well as airfare ticket to Recife by Meridiana airlines were included. The ticket was issued for a flight taking off fro Recife on Monday and returning from Recife again a week later on Monday. The service aboard Meridiana was very decent for a charter airline company. Recife was a great place with stunning beaches so after a few days I decided to stay for another week. Unfortunately, there was no ticket available to return from Recife on Monday a week later. I tried to book a ticket from Recife with another airline, but none of them flew to Milan. So, I stayed in Recife only for a week.

Visiting Recife with an airfare ticket for the first class

I visited Recife last year. I was invited to Recife for a short visit by my Brazilian business partner so my costs were covered by his company. I flew with Air France from Paris to Rio de Janeiro on a ticket for the economy class, and then they booked my ticket with Avianca Brasil from Rio to Recife in the first class. Even if I did not pay for the ticket, I wondered how expensive the airfare ticket to Recife must have been, much more expensive than if the ticket was issued for the economy class. The service aboard both Air France and Avianca Brazil was very good. Recife is a beautiful city. I would love to return to Recife again, even if this time I am not invited and I have to pay for my plane ticket to Recife. Hopefully I will find a reasonable ticket.

Recife Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season for a vacation in Recife?

A. Recife is a very wet city all-year round. If you travel to Recife in the summer, prepare yourself for rain on almost every day. On the contrary, if you travel to Recife between October and December, chances are it won't rain in Recife at all. The flight ticket is the most expensive in the autumn month when the tourist season is Recife peaks.

Q. What is the best way to fly to Recife from Bolivia? Should I buy a ticket online?

A. Buying your ticket to Recife online is a great idea. Yet, you might want to visit your ticket agent in case you don't find a direct flight between Recife and La Paz. A ticket agent can book you a ticket which will be the cheapest and also with the best connection between La Paz and Recife.

Q. Are there hurricanes in Recife?

A. Though tropical storms might form above Recife, this part of Brazil does not lie in the hurricane zone. Recife thus may get a lot of rain in the summer, but a hurricane is rather an exception in Recife.

Recife - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Recife International Airport ・Rio de Janeiro - Galeao International Airport ・Brasilia International Airport ・Frankfurt Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Recife

Recife has an airport located near the city of Recife. This international airport dispatches charter flights from Recife to several different cities in Germany. There are direct flights to Portugal and Italy as well. Recife airport, however, serves mostly for the domestic flights within Brazil.