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Campo Grande

Campo Grande

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City CodeCGR
Popular Airlines
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Swissair
  • Ethiopian Airlines
Flight Time11~16 hours

The flight time to Campo Grande is approximately 11~16 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Campo Grande.

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Campo Grande

Campo Grande is the largest city of the Mato Grosso do Sul state in Brazil. Campo Grande has about 8 million inhabitants living in its metropolitan area. There are many ethnic groups and cultures in Campo Grande as inhabitants of Campo Grande come from a number of different world countries.

Voice of Travelers to Campo Grande

Visiting Campo Grande

I visited Campo Grande last year for a short holiday. When looking for a reasonable plane ticket, I found one with LATAM Brasil with arrival to Campo Grande Airport. First, I thought Campo Grande airport must be far away from my Campo Grande city but actually there is transportation connecting the Campo Grande airport with downtown Campo Grande. I purchased the ticket on a ticket portal online. My flight to Campo Grande Airport was a pleasant one with great service that LATAM Brasil provided on board. The return ticket was issued for five days later, and I spent the last evening at the Campo Grande Airport as it was a night flight.

Visiting From Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro through Campo Grande

I needed to fly from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro for a business trip, but there were no direct flights for the date available. I always purchase my ticket at a ticket agent downtown Buenos Aires and the ticket agent suggested an alternative route through Campo Grande. I never flew through Campo Grande Airport. The ticket was reasonably priced. I decided to leave the airport once in Campo Grande because my layover was fairly long. Included in my airfare ticket was a ticket for shuttle from Campo Grande Airport to Campo Grande so I spent almost the full day downtown Campo Grande before flying on from Campo Grande to Rio de Janeiro. My ticket agent then succeeded at rebooking my return ticket directly to Buenos Aires so I didn't have to stop at Campo Grande again. The airlines did a great job at their service on board.

Campo Grande Travel FAQs

Q. How far is Campo Grandey Airport from Campo Grande?

A. Campo Grande is quite reachable from Campo Grande airport as they are only seven kilometers away. It is possible to take a taxi or a bus shuttle to reach Campo Grande in a matter of minutes.

Q. Is there anything to see in Campo Grande? I have four hours of layover at Campo Grande Airport and I don't want to stay at the airport.

A. Campo Grande is a pleasant city so if you flight ticket allows you to take a break and leave the Campo Grande airport, it is recommendable to head to the downtown Campo Grande to walk around. Campo Grande has a very pleasant city center to explore.

Q. How far is Campo Grande from Rio de Janeiro?

A. Campo Grande airport operates flights from Campo Grande to Rio de Janeiro, so it is possible to buy a single ticket (or a return ticket, for that matter) to fly between Campo Grande and Rio. If the flight ticket is cheap, this is a great alternative to driving from Campo Grande. Campo Grande is quite far from Rio de Janeiro, for that matter.

Campo Grande - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Campo Grande International Airport ・Brasilia International Airport ・Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport ・Santos Dumont Airport (Rio de Janeiro) etc.

Flight Routes to Campo Grande

Campo Grande Airport serves the area of Campo Grande by dispatching flights to other destinations in Brazil. There are regular flights from Campo Grande operated by Gol Airlines, Avianca Brazil and LATAM Brasil. It is possible to fly from Campo Grande to the capital - Brasilia as well as to Rio de Janeiro.