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Cape Verde Travel Tips and Information

Cape Verde Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameRepublic of Cabo Verde
Country CodeCV
Country Code (international calls)238

The flight time to Cape Verde is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Cape Verde below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is located on the coast of West Africa and a cluster of islands make up the nation.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Cape Verde

Travelers arriving from a country with a Cape Verde embassy must obtain a visa in advance. Travelers from a country without a Cape Verde embassy can obtain one upon arrival at the airport.

Things/Items Allowed into Cape Verde

Passengers aged 18 or above can freely import 200 individual cigarettes, 1 liter of liquor and a reasonable amount of perfumes.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Cape Verde

・ Narcotics ・ Rare Animals ・ Rare Plants ・ The local currency CVE

Things/Items Forbidden into Cape Verde

・ Drugs ・ Art ・ Monuments

Voice of Travelers to Cape Verde

Fantastic Country

Cape Verde is a fascinating nation full of scattered islands along the west coast of Africa. My visit to Cape Verde was through Amílcar Cabral International Airport. I booked my direct ticket from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Despite all the reviews on the web about those volcanic islands and about their erosion stages, this country is one of a kind. It is the best in Africa, full of panoramic white beaches, and mist-strewn mountains.

Cape Verde is warm, sunny, and green all year round. It is spectacular. I have enjoyed my time in Santa Maria especially the outstanding water sports, beautiful resorts, and promotional activities. My next ticket will be booked again to Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is a stunning island chain

I can strongly recommend Cape Verde as a memorable place for taking beautiful photographs and family vacations, as it is one of West Africa’s awesome visionaries. My ticket to Cape Verde was from Birmingham Airport. Cape Verde is full of wonderful places to explore like Sala-Museu Amilcar Cabral, which is a large museum in Praia. A ticket to this museum opens up the doors to the dedication and memory of the freedom fighter Amilcar Cabral. The architecture design from the inside is altered and special, full of unique colors and paintings, enriched with a very familiar scent.

Cape Verde is not just a place to relax, but it is a memorable place that will leave huge marks in your heart. My kids have enjoyed this vacation more than any other one before. If you are in Europe, book your ticket to Cape Verde and although I know it is a long distance trip, it's worth it.

Cape Verde is a challenging place and a cheap ticket for a summer vacation

Boa Vista in Cape Verde was the destination of my trip. I’ve booked my ticket from Lisbon to Aristides Pereira International Airport. Boa Vista is one of the largest islands in Cape Verde, growing as a holiday destination. I’ve realized that the temperature in summer never drops below 24 degrees Celsius and that's why the locals describe the island as the new Caribbean. There are many things to do and discover on this island, as this island is full of beaches, blue tides, and many watersports activities to encounter. Truly, Cape Verde is an amazing country to visit and book your ticket to for your next summer vacation.

Cape Verde Travel FAQs

Q. What are the major places in Cape Verde to visit?

A. One of the top places in Cape Verde is Fogo, which is a popular spot for mountain climbing. The Island SAL is Cape Verde’s sunniest islands and is full of white sand beaches and clear blue waters. Its largest island, Santiago, is home to the current capital, Praia. Santiago is home to the old capital, Cidade Velha, with clifftop fortress Forte Real de São Felipe.

Q. Is Cape Verde safe?

A.Yes, Cape Verde is politically stable and safe.

Cape Verde - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toNelson Mandela International Airport・ Mohammed V International Airport ・ Lisbon Airport ・ Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport ・ Logan International Airport ・ Osvaldo Vieira International Airport  etc.

Airports handling direct flights toAristides Pereira International Airport・ Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport ・ Birmingham Airport ・ Gatwick Airport ・ Brussels Airport ・ Frankfurt Airport  etc.

Airports handling direct flights toAmílcar Cabral International Airport・ Gran Canaria Airport ・ Lisbon Airport ・ Barcelona–El Prat Airport ・ Stockholm Arlanda Airport ・ Charles de Gaulle Airport  etc.

Flight Routes to Cape Verde

Amílcar Cabral International Airport is the main airport of Cape Verde and located southwest of the island. Direct flights are offered to Cape Verde from Gran Canaria Airport (via Binter Canarias Airlines), Mohammed V International Airport (via Royal Air Maroc), and Birmingham Airport (via Thomson Airways). The Mandela International Airport is the second largest airport in Cape Verde, located on Santiago Island. Direct flights are offered to this airport from Lisbon Airport (via TAP Portugal Airlines). Some flight routes are only available if you book your air ticket through a travel agency.