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In the past few decades, the terms "international society" and "globalization" have become increasingly common and the demand for global human resources has been increasing.

Amidst this accelerating globalization, skyticket was founded with the desire to provide the experience of studying abroad to "everyone" who wants to study abroad. Instead of making study abroad "out of reach," skyticket provides an opportunity for as many people as possible to explore the world and come into contact with various values and cultures.

Strengths of Study Abroad Services

  • skyticketの留学では航空券手配の可能!

    skyticket Study Abroad service provides a one-stop quote for all items necessary for study abroad, including flight arrangements, study abroad insurance and visa proxy applications*.

    Students can complete everything online, from requesting information materials and study abroad consultations to applications for study abroad programs.

    * Application by proxy may not be allowed for some countries

  • Registered with the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA), skyticket is an authorized travel agency serving 19 million users annually and is one of the few study abroad agents authorized by the Japan Tourism Agency as a Category 1 travel agency.
    Unique in the study abroad industry, skyticket is also a publicly traded company thus having the financial standards and scale set forth by the government.

  • オンラインでの留学相談も実施

    skyticket Study Abroad has a partnership with a land operator in the destination country providing 24-hour emergency contacts and emergency services.Support is provided not only at the language schools, but also in all aspects of studying abroad allowing students to travel with peace of mind.

    We will also provide thorough guidance and assistance for those who are anxious about going abroad for the first time, as well as for those who are ill or injured during their stay in the destination country(ies).

Steps to Study Abroad

  • 1 Year to 6 Months Prior

    • Information Gathering and Study Abroad Consultation


      When to go? Which country to go to? Estimated budget? What to study in the country? are some of the decisions to be made at this time.

      Contact us for more information on study abroad online brochures or request for a study abroad consultation if you are undecided about what to do.

    • Passport Application, Deciding on a Language School/Program to Study Abroad

      Now is the time to apply for a passport and consider the language school and program desired.

      skyticket offers a wide range of services, including study abroad counseling and language school suggestions.

  • 6 Months to 3 Months Prior

    • Application and Payment


      Students who wish to study abroad will be guided through this application process.
      Payment of the study abroad program fee payment will be due six months to three months prior to travel, at the latest.

      The application shall be processed and the final contract shall be concluded upon confirmation of payment.

    • Preparation of Required Documents


      Upon deciding on a study abroad destination or language school, the necessary documents must be prepared. Studying abroad requires the preparation of various documents such as the issuance of an admission letter and documents required for a visa prior to departure.

      Please do not hesitate to contact skyticket as we will provide full support for preparatory materials.

  • 3 Months to Departure Day

    • Preparation for Study Abroad Trip


      With less than three months to go, travel to the country is finally approaching.

      skyticket Study Abroad Team will guide you through the necessary procedures and preparations for your study abroad program.

    • Final Confirmation/Check


      This is the time to focus on final confirmation and checking of required documentation before traveling to the destination country.

      skyticket will confirm your preparations and required documents prior to your study abroad trip, including the purchase of a study abroad insurance policy.

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  • Q: When should the preparation for studying abroad begin?

    A: The timing to start preparation depends on the duration of your study abroad.

    【STEP 1 (1 Year to 6 Months Prior)】

    ・Information gathering
    ・Determine study abroad requirements
    ・Passport application
    ・Decide on language school and program to study abroad

    【STEP 2 (6 Months to 3 Months Prior)】

    ・Confirm required documents
    ・Enrollment application
    ・Payment of study abroad fees

    【STEP 3 (3 Months to 2 Weeks Prior)】

    ・Study abroad insuarance
    ・Prepare credit and/or debit card
    ・Travel preparation
    ・Prepare smartphone and SIM card

    【STEP 4 (2 Weeks to Departure Day)】

    Depart for Study Abroad!!

  • Q: What is the minimum number of weeks to study abroad?

    A: Depending on the country and the programs available at the language school, there are programs that allow students to study for a minimum of one week.

  • Q: What level of English proficiency is required for the program?

    A: Most language schools conduct a proficiency test at enrollment. You will be divided into classes according to your language ability so there is no need to worry even if you are a beginner in either English or Korean.

    Nevertheless, it is advisable to have at least a minimum level of language proficiency before going to study abroad.

  • Q: How much money do I need to bring to the country for my study abroad program?

    A: The amount of money you need depends on the length of your study abroad period, but it is advisable not to bring excessive amounts of money with you.

    Pickpocketing and thefts occur in some countries and it is important to keep your funds dispersed, such as cash, credit cards and cashless payments.

  • Q: Is it necessary for me to apply for a credit card?

    A: There is no need to have more than one card but it is a good idea to apply for one.

    In developed countries such as the United States, cashless shopping is more convenient than paying in cash. Credit cards are often accepted in large shopping malls and city centers. However, be aware that some local stores may not accept credit cards.

    The recommended brands of credit cards are VISA and MasterCard.

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