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Airline China Southern Airlines Major Routes Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to/from Los Angeles International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport(New York), London Heathrow Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Fiumicino Airport(Roma), Dubai International Airport, Haneda Airport(Tokyo), Incheon International Airport, etc.
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Year Established 1991 Main Destinations 25 cities in China, 7 cities in Japan, Seoul, Dhaka, Male, Delhi, Bangkok, Tehran, London, Paris, Vancouver, Moscow, Sydney, Los Angeles, etc.


Frequent Flyer Program Sky Pearl Club

China Southern Airlines - Overview

China Southern Airlines is headquartered in the Baiyun District, Guangdong Province in China. It was established on July 1, 1988, following the reformation of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. China Southern Airlines is the fourth-largest airline in domestic passenger targeted traffic and the sixth-largest in domestic passenger-kilometers flown. This airline is capable of servicing one hundred and ninety-three destinations, and has a large fleet.

China Southern Airlines - Checked Baggage / Cabin Baggage

Checked Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of China Southern Airlines for updated and detailed information for checked baggage.


Cabin Baggage

* Please ensure to check the official website of China Southern Airlines for updated and detailed information for carry-on baggage.


China Southern Airlines- Inflight Services


Service On-Board

China Southern Airlines on-board service is excellent. The boarding process is as efficient as you would expect for such a major airline. In fact, most passengers were seated in their seats 30 minutes before the departure time. The seats are all spacious and equipped with personal monitors to provide endless entertainment on the flight. First Class seats recline to a fully flat bed, and the seats are equipped with a built-in massage machine.

China Southern Airlines- Passengers' Reviews

Pleasant Airline Experience

My spouse and I flew from Chengdu to Guangzhou. I did not expect the flight to be on an A332 model, which meant roomy space and a cozy seat that allowed me to rest. I got the only first class passenger seat with the use of my earned mileage, which made my air ticket more affordable. The flight crews and attendants provided superior service. Thank you to the China Southern Airlines for allowing me an incredibly pleasant flight experience.

Thanks for the Lovely Service

I flew from Melbourne to Seoul through Guangzhou. Fairly satisfied with their service; the cabin employees were helpful and lovely. In comparison to the last trip, their movie options were updated. Overall, my experience using China Southern Airlines was really great. I collected my air ticket from the counter in time. Thanks for the lovely service.

Receptive and Professionally

I flew from Frankfurt to Changsha. It wasn’t a full plane; my seat was 40H in a corner, so I can was able to feel at ease and relax. The food was absolutely great; I favor their fresh fruits and pancakes. I didn’t have any problems collecting my air ticket. The crews of the China Southern Airlines are attentive to your needs and professional.

China Southern Airlines- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use web check-in if I have check-in luggage?

A. Yes, it is possible check-in online for the China Southern Airlines even if you have luggage to check-in. However, if you check in prior to arriving at the airport and have luggage that needs to be checked in, you must stop by the service counter to drop off your luggage.

Q. Does the baggage allowance apply to infants?

A. Yes it does, an infant who has an infant air ticket is permitted a baggage allowance of 10 kg.

ico-campaign-titleChina Southern Airlines- Mileage


About the Mileage Program of China Southern Airlines

To collect miles you need to purchase an air ticket for a flight that is operated by China Southern Airlines. The number of miles you will receive depends on 3 important factors such as the marketing provider and running airline, the distance flown, plus the booked air ticket class. Use the handy Distance Calculator to learn how many miles you’ll get with your purchased air ticket prior to actually purchasing the ticket.

ico-campaign-titleChina Southern Airlines- Check-In Procedures


Counter Check-In

There are service counters at the airport where passengers can check in and have their boarding tickets printed out and have their check-in luggage processed. It is recommended to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior for international flights and 1 hour prior for domestic flights since there may be long lines at the service counter.


Other Methods For Check-n

There are three other ways you can check-in to avoid lines: web check-in, kiosk check-in, and text message check-in. These methods provide personalized and private service, and saves you time.


Web Check-In

The web check-in for China Southern Airlines lets you check-in up to 24 hours before your flight departs, whereas text message check-in is available by 2:00 pm prior to the departure.

【United States of America】Direct Flight Routes by China Southern Airlines departing from the following Airports.

Fly Direct Flights with China Southern Airlines - Los Angeles International Airport

Fly Direct Flights with China Southern Airlines - John F. Kennedy International Airport

Fly Direct Flights with China Southern Airlines - San Francisco International Airport

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