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Jeju Air

Jeju Air

Jeju Air Departure Budget Airfares

  • Seoul (Incheon International Airport)
  • Tokyo (Narita International Airport)
  • Nagoya (Chubu Centrair International Airport)
  • Osaka (Kansai International Airport)
  • Hiroshima (Hiroshima Airport)
  • Fukuoka (Fukuoka Airport)
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Jeju Air- Information

Airline Jeju Air Major Routes Jeju International Airport to/from Gimhae International Airport, Incheon International Airport, Antonio B. Won Pat International, Hong Kong International Airport, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.
Official Site Check-In Counter


Year Established 2005 Main Destinations Jeju, Seoul, Busan, Cheongju, Narita, Kansai, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Taipei, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Cebu, Guam, Saipan.


Frequent Flyer Program JJ Club

Jeju Air - Overview

Jeju Air is the first and largest low-cost airline in South Korea, named after Jeju Island, a popular destination towards the south of the country. The airline was founded by the Aekyung Group and Jeju Island government in 2005 and now flies to numerous destinations all over the Asia Pacific region along with domestic routes. Jeju Air is based from it's main hubs at Jeju International Airport, Gimpo International Airport and Incheon International Airport.

Jeju Air - Checked Baggage / Cabin Baggage

Checked Baggage

Tickets with Jeju Air do not include checked baggage with the basic Fly fare type and checked baggage must be purchased as an extra during booking or for more expensive rates at the airport during check-in. Jeju Air's Fly Bag fare includes 15kg of checked baggage and Fly Bag+ fares include 20kg of checked baggage within the ticket price.


Cabin Baggage

Jeju Air allows all passengers to bring one piece of carry-on baggage at a max weight of 10kg. Carry-on baggage with Jeju Air must be within 115cm in total dimensions (length + width + height added together.) Note that any baggage that is over this size must be checked-in at an extra cost.


Jeju Air- Inflight Services


Service On-Board

Jeju Air offers the best on board services to its air ticket buyers. Passengers can order meals in advance, book seats additional seats nearby, choose their seats, buy more comfortable seats, access in-flight shopping, and browse sports memberships. Jeju Air’s seat service allows air ticket passengers to choose their preferred seat while booking their flight. Air ticket buyers may pay between $10-$30 for Jeju Air’s seat service depending on the flight duration. Jeju Air also allows air ticket buyers to purchase empty seats around their seat for additional comfort and for more space around them.


In-Flight Meal

For most flight routes (apart from a few short domestic flights) Jeju Air has in-flight meals and drinks which can be purchased as part of their Air Cafe service.

Jeju Air- Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jeju Air offer refunds?

Jeju Air will offer refunds, only with a few limitations. If an air ticket cancellation request is made on the same day as the date of payment, there will be no fee. For air tickets that were not purchased from the website, please contact our Reservation Center or Airport Counter during working hours for assistance.

ico-campaign-titleJeju Air- Mileage


Mileage Program of Jeju Air

Jeju Air offers a mileage program for customers called Refresh Point. Customers who join Jeju Air’s Refresh Point mileage program receive 100 points for free along with awards for every third and eleventh flight after the first flight used with Refresh Point. Through the Refresh Point mileage program, members have the ability to give their points to relatives and friends. Members are also able to buy additional points and can be used for free flights, flight upgrades and more.

ico-campaign-titleJeju Air- Check-In Procedures


How to Check-In

Air ticket buyers of Jeju Air are able to check in over the website or directly in one of their offices. Jeju Air also offers its air ticket buyers the option to check in via their Android/iOS app, thus allowing passengers to check in using their smartphones from anywhere with an internet connection. Air ticket buyers should arrive at the airport about 40 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights and about 2 hours before departure for international flights. The boarding process ends 20 minutes before departure for air ticket buyers on domestic flights. The boarding process for international flights ends 1 hour before departure.

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