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Mae Sot

Mae Sot

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City CodeMAQ
Popular Airlines
  • Nok Air
Flight Time---- hours

The flight time to Mae Sot is approximately ---- hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Mae Sot.

Mae Sot

Mae Sot is a city located on the western part of Thailand. Mae Sot shares borders with the neighboring country, Burma. Mae Sot is well-known for being a major trade center for Thailand. The city of Mae Sot is also home to many Burmese refugees and migrants. The district headquarters of the Mae Sot District can also be found in the city of Mae Sot. Being a major city in between Thailand and Burma, Mae Sot serves as the main gateway for the two countries. Because of this, Mae Sot is known for its booming teak and gems trade with Burma. In terms of economy, most of the factories and production lines found in Mae Sot are supported by immigrants from Burma. The Rim Moei Market, a major trade channel for imported woodwork and goods, is also found in Mae Sot.

Voice of Travelers to Mae Sot

Hot Springs Relaxation

I am an adventurer. I booked a ticket to Mae Sot to explore the richness of this city's culture and nature. As I rode on my bike, I visited the famous Hot Springs Maekasa. I wanted to have a nice relaxation time. The view was great and the spot is really nice. Already, my ticket to this place is worth it. I spent some time in the warm waters. The natural scenery also added to the relaxation. I also admired the nice waterfall near the pool. I enjoyed my relaxation time, and if I were to book another plane ticket to this place, I would surely visit the hot springs again. All my expenses for the ticket flight to this place is all worth it.

Hiking at the National Park

On our first year anniversary, my girlfriend and I booked our plane ticket to Mae Sot to hike at the Taksin Maharat National Park. We booked two-way ticket flights for the duration of five days. As we headed to the park, we were stunned by the beauty of the Mae Sot scenery. The mountain was perfect for hiking. The wildlife and nature is practically untouched. The tracks were a bit challenging, but the ticket to this place was definitely worth it.

Mae Sot Travel FAQs

Q. If I will book my ticket to Mae Sot, what climate should I expect?

A. If you are to book your ticket to Mae Sot city, you should expect a tropical climate. Very dry and warm winters happen during the last quarter of the year. Average temperature is around 36.8 degrees Celsius or 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainy season starts around May and ends during the month of October. During the monsoon season, the days have cooler temperatures, while the nights are still relatively warm. If you do not mind the warm weather, it is best to book your ticket on the summer season to enjoy the different destinations. Ticket bookings during the winter are also highly encouraged.

Q. What are the best tourist destinations at Mae Sot?

A. For tourists who booked a ticket to Mae Sot, there are a number of tourist attractions available. If you booked your ticket precisely for shopping purposes, the Hilltribe Market and Rim Moei Market is for you. For ticket bookings of more adventurous people, you may want to visit the Taksin Maharat National Park and the Hot Springs Maekasa. For cultural sight seeing, there are the Chao Por Phawo, King Naresuan the Great, and Wat Chumphon Khiri Shrines. There are lots of activities in Mae Sot. Your ticket booking will surely be worth it.

Mae Sot - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Mae Sot Airport ・Don Mueang International Airport

Flight Routes to Mae Sot

Being a major trade and commercial center for Thailand, Mae Sot has the Mae Sot Airport to serve the city. Mae Sot Airport has two destinations and airlines, which serve ticket flights to and from Mae Sot. The first destination is the Don Mueang International Airport, which is serviced by ticket flights from Nok Air. The other destination is Chiang Mai International Airport, serviced by Kan Air ticket flights. In order to arrive at Mae Sot, tourists and visitors must book a ticket with Kan Air or Nok Air. A two-way ticket is a viable option for tourists. If you happen to book a one-way ticket, however, booking the return ticket is not that difficult.