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City CodeAUA
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
Flight Time4~8 hours

The flight time to Aruba is approximately 4~8 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Aruba.

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Oranjestad is a port city and the capital of the Dutch island of Aruba. The city was built around Fort Zoutman and named after the first king of Netherlands King WilliamI . With a population of over 35,000 residents, Oranjestad is the headquarters of Tiara Air and home to educational institutions including: Xavier University School of Medicine and Universiteit Van Aruba.

Voice of Travelers to Oranjestad

Holiday rest in Oranjestad.

I am John, a graduate student from University of Kansas. Last week, I took a break from school work and decided to visit my childhood friend who had relocated to Oranjestad. I bought my ticket online after a referral from a family friend on where to get the cheapest ticket to Oranjestad. The cheapest ticket to Oranjestad was by Delta Airlines compared to ticket by other airlines.The airlines was a pet friendly and accepted vaccinated cats and dogs thus I bought a ticket for my dog Jessey. As a student with a travel ticket, the airline allowed free check-in for the first and second bags and only charged for the third bag. Delta is not my favourite travel airline but the travel experience with the airline to Oranjestad was generally awesome. I am planning to travel to Oranjestad again this summer for my friend birthday party before resuming studies and I am sure to I will still buy Delta's ticket to Oranjestad.

Couple vacation to Bahamas through Oranjestad

I am Karen from England. Last month, my boyfriend and I spent our vacation in Bahamas. We traveled to Oranjestad by air and boarded Oranjestad Cruise to Bahamas. We searched online for the cheapest ticket weeks prior our departure to Oranjestad and the cheapest air ticket to Oranjestad was by Aruba Airlines. One of the travel agents had advised us that ticket to Oranjestad is cheap six weeks before your travel time and that it is advisable to purchase your ticket six weeks before traveling. As a couple traveling to Oranjestad, the airline also offered us a 8% discount on the ticket we bought. We booked in advance the ticket to Bahamas and on reaching Oranjestad we spent a day on the Oranjestad before departing to Bahamas. The travel experience by air to Oranjestad and the cruise to Bahamas was brilliant, the attendants were friendly and ready to help, great food and drinks that was satisfying to everyone. We are planning to have our honeymoon this time in Caribbean and we will still buy Aruba's ticket and use Oranjestad - Bahamas itinerary.

Oranjestad Travel FAQs

Q. Is cruising available in Oranjestad?

A. Yes, you can enjoy cruising when visiting Oranjestad. There are a lot of cruises namely: Thomson Cruise, Oranjestad Cruise just to name a few. You can sail to other Caribbean countries, Bermuda, Bahamas or Canada. You can book your cruise ticket online to enjoy the amazing experience.

Q. How do I buy a ticket to Oranjestad?

A. You can purchase a ticket to Oranjestad either by buying it online or visiting the corresponding travel companies by yourself. Searching online for the ticket to Oranjestad, is the best way to compare tickets and choose an affordable ticket to Oranjestad. Cheapest ticket to Oranjestad can be bought online six weeks before your departure.

Q. Whats the weather like in Oranjestad ?

A. Oranjestad experiences a semi-arid type of climate with a significant tropical influence. The climate is hot, oppressive and windy with the hottest and coldest month in Oranjestad being September and August respectively.

Oranjestad - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Queen Beatrix International Airport ・Amsterdam Airport Schiphol ・Stockholm-Arlanda Airport ・Manchester Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Oranjestad

Queen Beatrix International Airport is a commercial service airport serving the residents of Oranjestad city and supports all year round activities. The airport is a gateway to the Caribbean and one can travel to Oranjestad using Aruba Airlines, KLM, WestJet or Delta Airlines with the requirements being a valid passport, a visa if you don't qualify for a visa waiver and a ticket.