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City CodeZQN
Popular Airlines
  • Qantas Airways
  • Air New Zealand
  • Japan Airlines
Flight Time15~22 hours

The flight time to Queenstown is approximately 15~22 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Queenstown.

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Queenstown is a city in New Zealand. Queenstown is situated in the South Island of the country in Otago. Queenstown is known to be a resort town. Queenstown is surrounded by water bodies and mountains making for a splendid view. The Remarkables, Walter Peak and Cecil Peak are some of the mountains that are visible from Queenstown. Queenstown is situated on an inlet, called Queenstown Bay, by Lake Wakatipu. Queenstown is called Tahuna in the native Maori tongue. Queenstown is an excellent tourist destination because of the scenic beauty it offers combined with the many outdoor activities that can be down in the city. Tourists from all over the world travel to Queenstown for a relaxing yet adventurous experience.

Voice of Travelers to Queenstown

Ticket to Queenstown for adventure

Hiya, I am Adrienne from Brisbane. My girls and I bought a ticket for Queenstown for our summer break. We wanted to for an adventurous trip. One of our friends told us that Queenstown is known as the Adventure capital of the world. So we are saved up and bought a ticket for Queenstown. We bought our ticket for the month of December. The weather was very pleasant and we loved the many outdoor attractions and activities. We did boat riding, paragliding, hiking, ziplining, skydiving, bungee jumping and so much more. We also spent some time relaxing by the water. The spa experience was also very relaxing. We are now saving up to buy a ticket for another place. We want to make adventure travels a tradition.

Ticket for Queenstown

Hello I am Leslie from Spain. I bought a ticket to Queenstown with my husband and infant daughter. Our ticket was a roundtrip ticket and our return was in 10 days. We wanted to do some adventure activities, and do the group lesson. We were able to do all of this and so much more. We did the Milford Sound Bus Tour, it was 13 hours long but it was worth it. We also did dolphin sighting and a winery tour. My daughter was calm most of the trip and we all enjoyed.

Queenstown Travel FAQs

Q. Which season should I buy my ticket for?

A. There are many outdoor activities to do in Queenstown that can be done all year round. The cheapest flight ticket for Queenstown is available between the months of October and November. The weather during this time is mildly hot and most summer activities can be done. If you buy a ticket for this time you can enjoy many activities such as parasailing, bungee jumping and kayaking. If you buy your ticket for winter, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other activities. When you are buying your ticket, keep in mind that winter in Queenstown is in June, while summer is in December. Therefore, buy your ticket depending on which season you are looking to visit in.

Q. What documents will I need to travel to Queenstown?

A. To visit Queenstown make sure that you have a valid passport, visa if required, and an airline ticket. Your passport should be valid for at least six months and have blank pages for visa and arrival stamps. People from certain nationalities do not need a visa or can get it on the arrival. Make sure you check the visa requirements New Zealand when planning your vacation. Also, keep your ticket in a safe place so you do not lost it. Keeping an electronic copy of the ticket in your email is also helpful.

Q. What is Queenstown most known for?

A. Queenstown is known for its scenery and natural beauty. Queenstown is surrounded by Lake Wakatipu and different mountains, that create a scenic that backdrop. If you buy a ticket for Queenstown, you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities that can be done in all seasons. So much so, it is known as the most adventurous city in the region. Apart from doing bungee jumping, rafting, skydiving and other adventures, you can also relax at the many spas and wellness centres at Queenstown. Some most popular tourist attractions in Queenstown include Lake Wanaka, Milford Sound, Coronet Peak, Kiwi Birdlife Park, Queenstown Hill Recreation Reserve and Skyline Queenstown.

Queenstown - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Queenstown Airport ・Sydney Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Queenstown

There are a number of air routes available for Queenstown. 9 flights offer a direct ticket to Queenstown from different cities. Some of these cities that people can buy a ticket to Queenstown from are Millford Soun, Wellingtown, Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane. Flights offering a ticket from these cities are Air Milford, Jetstar, Qantas, Virgin Australia amongst others. People flying from other cities can choose of these cities as a stopover on their ticket. People most commonly choose Sydney as a stop over in their ticket when flying from other cities.