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City CodeCHC
Popular Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Qantas Airways
  • Air New Zealand
Flight Time14~21 hours

The flight time to Christchurch is approximately 14~21 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Christchurch.

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Christchurch is a city in New Zealand. Christchurch is located in south Island of the city in the Canterbury Region. christchurch is located near the banks peninsula. Christchurch is the third most populous city in New Zealand. Christchurch was first settled in 1250. Christchurch is known for its agriculture economy. Christchurch also has a prominence of academic institutions. The Avon river flows through Christchurch h and a park is located near the banks of the river. Christchurch was named Christchurch after the Christchurch college in Oxford. The Christchurch college was the founder of John Robert Godley alma mater.

Voice of Travelers to Christchurch

Post retirement ticket to Christchurch

Hello I am Martin. I retired from my lifelong job this year and I decided to buy a ticket to Christchurch for me and my wife. I have long admired the city for its natural beauty and many parks. I wanted to buy a ticket for the place where I can enjoy a calm post-retirement life and I could not think of any place other than Christchurch. My wife was delighted to see the ticket we flew directly to Christchurch from Brisbane. We really enjoyed the beaches, rivers, and the natural wildlife. We have decided to come back again in a few months and visit other cities in New Zealand. Now that I have retired, I want to devote more time to my wife and travel with her.

10th Anniversary ticket to Christchurch

Hi, my name is Luke. My wife and i visited christchurch for our 10th anniversary. I bought the ticket for her and i in advance. We have been difficult life and have not had all the luxuries. my wife has, however, stood by a rock by me even though i could not take her to many places. I made it my goal to make sure i buy a ticket for her to a calm place for our 10th anniversary. The ticket was in surprise for her. When we were having breakfast I put the ticket under the coffee. she was delighted when she saw the ticket under her coffee mug. while we both were nervous to fly, we had a really pleasant flight and overall experience.

Christchurch Travel FAQs

Q. Which season should I buy a ticket to for?

A. Christchurch has excellent weather all year round so you can buy a ticket for any season. Summer in Christchurch starts in November and ends in April. Most tourists buy a ticket for Christchurch for summer so the city can see a lot of rush during this time. Winter in Christchurch starts in June and ends in August. If you buy a ticket for Christchurch for winter you can enjoy skiing, whale watching, and hotsprings. Airline ticket can be expensive for summer because it's peak season. Buying the ticket in advance diamonds however can help you get a good deal.

Q. What are some things to do in Christchurch?

A. Christchurch has a rich heritage that the city has embraced in all of its architecture and culture. Because of this, a lot on the buildings in the city are unique. while they are modern, they also have a natural appeal. Some buildings worth noting are Re:START mall and the use of recycling ship containers into buildings. Some other tourist attractions are Christchurch Art Gallery and the Canterbury Museum. Christchurch is also known for its scenic beauty many parts, and beautiful landscapes. Some natural attractions include Christchurch Gondola, Waipara Valley, Banks Peninsula and Orana Wildlife Park.

Christchurch - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Christchurch International Airport ・Brisbane Airport ・Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Christchurch

There are many different air routes available for Christchurch. 15 different flights offer ticket to Christchurch from different domestic and international cities. Most of these flights also offer a ticket to Australian cities or cities in New Zealand. Flights also offer a ticket to cities in other countries such as Dubai, Singapore and Nadi. Some of the cities that these flights offer a ticket to Christchurch from are Chatham Islands, Napier, Brisbane and Blenheim. People can either buy a nonstop ticket or a ticket with a stopover if flying from other cities from airlines such as Air Chathams, Qantas, Emirates, China Airlines and Air New Zealand.