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New Plymouth

New Plymouth

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City CodeNPL
Popular Airlines
  • Air New Zealand
Flight Time14~27 hours

The flight time to New Plymouth is approximately 14~27 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit New Plymouth.

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New Plymouth

New Plymouth is a port city located on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The city is economical hub of New Plymouth District with activities including oil and natural gas exploration and production and intensive dairy farming. The city is home to TSB Bank, one of the largest non-governmental owned banks in New Zealand. New Plymouth city was named after English Plymouth city and has a population of over 56,000 residents.

Voice of Travelers to New Plymouth

Couple Vacation to New Plymouth

We are a couple from Wellington, New Zealand. We had planned to have our vacation in New Plymouth and enjoy the outdoor activities in fall. We flew from Wellington to New Plymouth using Virgin Australia and they offered a relatively cheaper ticket compared to other airlines. We booked our ticket six weeks before our flight, a friend had suggested that tickets are cheap six weeks before the travel date. Jetstar offered 10% off their ticket but Virgin Australia still had cheaper tickets. An amazing travel experience with exceptionally friendly flight attendants who upgraded our flight tickets to first class after noticing that we were couples from the names on the ticket.

TSB Bank Festival of Light in New Plymouth

I am Tona from Kenya, I am fan of events and festivals and I travel around the world to different festival. Last December, I attended TSB Bank Festival in New Plymouth. This was the first time to travel to New Zealand and I was excited by the prospect of experiencing and interacting with a new culture in New Plymouth. I had planned for this trip from early as this year and since I needed both ticket and visa to attend the event. To receive a visa to New Plymouth, one needs a valid passport, travel ticket and accommodation ticket. I bought both the air ticket and accommodation ticket to New Plymouth online at a 8% off. Virgin Australia offered 10% off any ticket bought to attend the festivals in New Plymouth. This was the first time to travel using Virgin Australia and the experience was marvelous. With inflight entertainment and friendly attendants, I am confident that all who attended the festival in New Plymouth found the travel experience to New Plymouth satisfying.

New Plymouth Travel FAQs

Q. How do I buy a ticket to New Plymouth?

A. You can purchase a ticket to New Plymouth either by buying it online or visiting the corresponding travel companies by yourself. Searching online for the ticket to New Plymouth is the best way to compare ticket and choose an affordable ticket to New Plymouth. Cheapest ticket to New Plymouth can be bought online six weeks before your departure.

Q. What are the outdoor activities to do in New Plymouth?

A. New Plymouth is a prefered destination by most travelers with beautiful scenery and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoor activities and experience the best nature has to offer. You can enjoy bushwalking, camping, bird watching or wildlife photography at Pukekura Park, accessible from the city center of New Plymouth. The park is also home to TSB Bank Festival of Lights, held annually in December. If you are a fan of arts and history, then don't forget to visit Len Lyre Center, a contemporary art museum and Puke Ariki.

Q. How is New Plymouth weather?

A. New Plymouth experiences oceanic type of climate with a warm weather most of the time of the year. Summers are hot and humid while winters are mild with an average temperature of 13 -14 degrees celsius.

New Plymouth - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to New Plymouth Airport •Adelaide International Airport (Canada) •Auckland International Airport (Canada) •Wellington International Airport (Canada) etc.

Flight Routes to New Plymouth

New Plymouth Airport located 11 km from the city center of New Plymouth is a commercial service airport serving New Plymouth and Taranaki region. The airport and is used for both local and domestic flights. For international flights, the nearby Auckland International Airport serves New Plymouth. As an international traveler, you can travel to New Plymouth using Virgin Australia or any other international airline through Auckland International Airport and connect to New Plymouth by a domestic flight to New Plymouth. You need a valid passport, an air ticket, accommodation ticket and a visa if you don't qualify for a visa waiver program. You can purchase your ticket online or visit corresponding travel agents to purchase the ticket.