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St. George's (Grenada)

St. George's (Grenada)

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City CodeGND
Popular Airlines
  • Air Canada
Flight Time6~10 hours

The flight time to St. George's (Grenada) is approximately 6~10 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit St. George's (Grenada).

St. George's

St. George's is the capital of the small Caribbean island nation of Grenada. St. George's is located on the south of the island, on the edge of a volcanic crater with a natural horseshoe harbor. St. George's was founded to act as a transport hub for the various spice plantations that were the main purpose of the colony on Grenada. Grenada was originally a French colony, and St. George's is still shaped by colonial French culture.

Voice of Travelers to St. George's

Another Summer Vacation in Gorgeous St. George's

Popping down to St. George's in Grenada has become a regular habit for my family since we first bought tickets down to St. George's over five summers ago. We love how clean and fresh the air in St. George's is compared to the cities, and we just cannot wait to buy our tickets each year to fly down and rent our favorite little beach cabin for sun, ocean and relaxation. We always by our tickets for St. George's with Air Canada Rouge, who offers great discounts for family tickets for St. George's each summer. The friendly staff made sure that we were all seated together for our flight down to St. George's which is great because it means more valuable family time together.

My First Vacation to St. George's

I was very happy that I finally had a job that let me save up enough to buy tickets for vacations in St. George's. All my friends were buying tickets to Caribbean islands for their vacations, so I was happy that it was finally my turn now. I bought my tickets for St. George's with American Airlines, who I had never bought tickets from before. I was very impressed with the service on my ticket to St. George's and I would be happy to buy a ticket from them again. I rented a small seaside beach hut in St. George's and spent most of my vacation just sitting on the beach and enjoying drinks. A few times I took a break from the beach to visit the town of St. George's and check out some of the local food and entertainment.

St. George's for Carnival

Carnival is a big event in many Caribbean and South American countries, and the Carnival celebrations in St. George's are some of the biggest and the best in the world. I bought first class tickets with British Airways to St. George's for my husband and I for our wedding anniversary. The flight to St. George's on first class tickets was exquisite, with reclining seats and delicious meals. Carnival in St. George's was so much fun with all the dancing, music and entertainers. We decided that we will buy tickets for Carnival in St. George's every year to celebrate our anniversary together.

St. George's Travel FAQs

Q. What is the weather like in St. George's?

A. St. George's has mild tropical weather, with most of the temperatures staying warm but not too hot throughout the entire year. There is also an extensive rainy and storm season in St. George's in the winter, so most people buy their tickets for St. Georges' for the spring, summer and fall tourist season.

Q. Is St. George's safe?

A. The crime rate in St. George's is very low. St. George's is a small city, so there is very little serious crime. There are some issues with theft aimed at tourists in St. George's, but it is mostly non-violent and easy to avoid if you take the proper precautions.

Q. What is the food like in St. George's?

A. St. George's cuisine is a mixture of Caribbean and French influences. While St. George's did not have a large population of non-French people until recently, it still adopted many of the culinary influences from neighboring Caribbean countries. However, St. George's is still a very French country, and much of the food is inspired by French trends.

Q. Are tickets to St. George's expensive?

A. Most tickets to St. George's are not very expensive because regular ticket flights for tourists are so common to the Caribbean. Some tickets can be expensive if you are flying from overseas on a ticket from London.

St. George's - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Maurice Bishop International Airport •Toronto Pearson International Airport •Miami International Airport •Gatwick Airport •John F. Kennedy International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to St. George's

Most of the tickets for St. George's are from the Americas, with most tickets coming from the east coast of the United States. The only tickets to St. George's from overseas pass through London on a direct ticket to St. George's. St. George's is also connected to many neighboring Caribbean islands with regular tickets available for flights.