The USA is the center of the world with 50 states. Known as the "melting pot of races", it is a land where people from various countries, races and backgrounds gather from all over the world. The USA is also a center of arts, economics and a dream destination for many international students.

The state-of-the-art international society experience in the United States will surely become a valuable asset in the course of life. Let's go beyond language and explore the values, culture and diversity unique to the USA by studying abroad in the country.


Basic Information

Capital City Washington D.C.
Population Approximately 332 Million
Climate Boston
Average year-round temperature is approximately 10°C (four seasons)

New York
Average year-round temperature is approximately 12°C (short spring and fall periods)

Los Angeles
Average year-round temperature is approximately 20°C
Currency USD
Official Language English
Voltage 120V, A-type or B-type
Religions 70% Christians, 23% Non-religious

Attractions of Studying in the USA

The greatest appeal of studying in the USA is that students can experience the "American Dream" first-hand in the home of the USA, the world's leading country. Experience the freedom of the USA, a land of challenge and a fusion of various ethnic groups and cultures. Students will be able to experience not only the language but the most advanced atmosphere in every field such as IT, economics, music and fashion.

The standard English used in the USA is the same as that used in the rest of the world and can be used in other countries as well. As many people from all over the world gather in the USA, the atmosphere of the cities varies greatly from region to region, so one of the attractions of studying in the USA. is that students can choose the city that best suits their needs.

Popular Cities


Living in The USA


Since the USA is quite large by global standards, the climate varies from area to area and state to state.

For example, in the eastern and central parts of the country, summers are hot and winters can be snowy, resulting in a large temperature difference between summer and winter. In the south, summer temperatures often exceed 30°C (86°F) and since the country is located near the equator, humidity is high and it can get very hot and humid. California, a popular destination for study abroad, is located on the west coast and has a mild climate with low humidity and cool temperatures throughout the year.

Due to these regional differences in climate and temperature, it is advisable to check in advance which area of the USA will be the location for the study abroad program!


Prices in the USA vary considerably from area to area. In rural areas, not only prices and rent but in some cases, food and household goods can also be bought at a lower price. States located in the central and southern parts of the USA in particular are considered relatively inexpensive, such as Mississippi and Tennessee.

In contrast, the West Coast, the eastern part of the country and the Great Lakes region are considered to be the most expensive. Los Angeles and San Diego fall into this category. The prices of various goods, including food, are high on the West Coast and the East Coast, so if students really want to keep costs down, it is advisable to consider studying abroad in a comparatively inexpensive area.

Public Order

When studying in the USA, many students may be concerned about public safety. As with the cost of living, there are differences in public safety between rural and urban areas, however, it is important to be vigilant when going out. In large cities where there are many tourist attractions, the number of petty crimes such as pick-pocketing and purse-snatching is high, while in poorer areas, crimes such as gun crimes and robberies tend to be more common.

It is important to know that there are inevitably some risks in terms of crime due to the fact that this is a gun society and people of various ethnic backgrounds live in the area. Preventing crime is important, such as refraining from going out at night and checking in advance the security of the place beforehand.

Estimated Cost of Study Abroad

Before Departure

Total Amount ¥172,850〜269,410
Air Ticket (Round Trip) ¥147,600〜235,800
Insurance (Study Abroad Insurance) ¥25,250〜33,610

After Departure

Total Amount ¥406,750〜479,950
School (Tuition Fee) ¥136,350〜136,350
Accommodation Fees ¥220,400〜243,600
Living Expenses ¥50,000〜100,000

* The cost of airline tickets varies depending on the departure and arrival airports.

* Tuition and accommodation fees vary from school to school.

* The costs of living for study abroad vary from person to person.

List of Language Schools


  • Q: What visa do I need to apply for to study in the United States?

    A:If your stay is less than 12 weeks and the number of class hours per week is 18 hours or less, you will need to obtain a tourist visa, referred to as an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). For longer periods of stay, a student visa (F-1 or M-1 visa) will be required.

    skyticket study abroad can make applications for ESTA and student visas on behalf of students. Contact us for further details.

  • Q: What documents are required for entry into the United States?

    A: The following items are required for immigration clearance in the USA for study abroad

    Passport , Visa, I-20 (Letter of Admission)
    Financial certification in English (to be submitted at the time of visa application)
    SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) receipt
    Contact information of the school where you will study
    Customs declaration form provided on board the flight

  • Q: Is it safe to live in the United States?

    A: It is important to know that there is inevitably some risk in terms of crime due to the fact that the country is a gun society and people of various ethnic backgrounds live there.

    Always take precautions against crime, such as refraining from going out at night and researching the security of the places you are going to prior to your travel.

  • Q: Can I have a part-time job during my study abroad in the United States?

    A: Generally, working part-time is not allowed while studying in the United States.

    Since the purpose of a student visa is to study, working part-time or other forms of employment is strictly prohibited in principle.

  • Q: Is there an age limit for studying in the United States?

    A: There is no specific age limit for studying in the United States.

    Although there is no upper age limit, some institutions and programs may have a minimum age requirement of 18 years and above.

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