CIS (Connect International School)

CIS (Connect International School)

Canada Toronto

Extremely small class size! Improve your English in a comfortable and homely environment!


Connect International School(CIS)の少人数授業の様子

1. Small Group Class

One of the most unique features of Connect International School (CIS) is its ultra-small class size. While typical language school classes average about 15 students per class, the average class size at CIS is 6, with a maximum of 8 students.
The close proximity between students, instructors and staff makes it easy for students to relax and take classes in a home-like atmosphere where they can speak up, even for those who are shy and feel nervous about standing in front of others.

2. Extensive Staff Support

Students at CIS receive flexible and prompt support from not only instructors but also staff members. When living abroad, one may encounter many things that one does not understand or feel anxious about.
Being able to receive prompt and personalized support when something happens is very reassuring!

Connect International School(CIS)のアクティビティの様子

3. PBL (Project-Based Learning)

PBL is the symbolic program of CIS. It focuses on improving communication skills and is characterized by a high level of output throughout the program. As the topics are familiar ones, students can learn about the culture and customs of Canada and the city of Toronto at the same time.
PBL is also project-based, where students work on a single topic in a group. Through group work, students not only improve their English skills but also develop communication skills and an understanding of different cultures.

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PBL is the most distinctive feature of CIS! Since it is based on group work, students can cultivate not only speaking skills but also positivity, independence and proactive attitudes at the same time.
At CIS, students can improve their language skills and have a meaningful study abroad experience in Toronto while getting to know their classmates better!

School Basic Information

Name of School Connect International School
City Downtown Toronto, Canada
Main Accommodations Home-stay, Residence
Average Number of Students Per Class Up to 8
Affiliated School(s) None


  • Core English

    In this General English course at CIS, students learn the 4 skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) as well as pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary in a well-balanced curriculum.
    The course curriculum is designed to help students acquire English skills that are useful in real life through practice and other activities, rather than just passively listening to lectures.
    Another feature of this hybrid style of teaching is that it combines face-to-face and digital sessions.

  • PBL(Project-Based Learning)

    The most popular program at CIS is this PBL course. It is a time for students to output what they have inputted in the above Core English program and generally work in groups.
    Participants can develop their communication skills, independence and proactive attitudes together with their English language skills.

  • University Preparation / Academic Communication and Presentation Course(ACP)

    This course is designed for students who plan to attend university in Canada in the future.
    The curriculum of the University Preparation Course at CIS is designed not only to get students admitted to university but also to prepare them for beyond that, to succeed in the future.
    Students not only learn how to speak and write fluently but also how to think and communicate logically, and how to write using a variety of expressions and language.
    Students also learn presentation skills, note-taking techniques, essay writing and other non-English language related knowledge.

  • IELTS Course

    This course is specifically designed for students who need an IELTS score in order to enter universities and colleges. Students will study all four skills in a well-balanced manner in order to improve their score.
    One-to-one lessons are also available to allow students to concentrate on their weak areas. Professional instructors who know IELTS inside out will also provide in-depth coaching on test trends and strategies, techniques and time management.

  • Job Readiness Course

    This course is intended to prepare students for future employment. Students will learn about trends in various industries, as well as strategies and techniques to better prepare them for the job of their choice.
    Prior to the start of the course, a self-assessment is conducted to understand individual strengths and weaknesses. Based on these backgrounds and experiences, personal training is tailored to each individual. Training includes resume writing, interview preparation and a wide range of other skills.

  • Co-op Course
    (Business Administration and Project Management Co-op Diploma)

    Marketing and Foundations of Project Management.

    The schedule begins with 12 weeks of face-to-face classes, followed by a one-week break, and then 12 weeks of hybrid-style classes. There will then be a 6-week vacation, followed by 24 weeks of Co-op. After the completion of the Co-op, the program ends with a 2-week Capstone Program.

    The duration of the program is approximately 13 months and is recommended for students who are considering studying abroad for more than one year.

Course Fees (Tuition and Accommodation Expenses)

Duration Course Fees Accommodation Expenses
4-8weeks ¥42,550 ¥35,075
9-12weeks ¥41,975 ¥35,075
13-24weeks ¥41,400 ¥35,075
25-36weeks ¥40,825 ¥35,075
37+weeks ¥40,250 ¥35,075

Course fees and Accommodation expenses shown are based on a per-week rate

Enrollment and materials fees apply separately

Homestay placements are accepted from a minimum of 4 weeks

Accommodation fee includes 3 meals per day

Area Features


The campus is located near Queen Street, a fashionable street popular among young people, as well as bars, cafes and movie theaters popular among locals.
Enjoy Toronto life to the fullest with classmates after school and on weekends!

School Address


204-487 Adelaide ST, W. Toronto, Ontario M5V 1T4, Canada


Approximately 10-minute walk from the main train stations in Toronto

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