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Global Collegeの授業風景

1. Implemented English-Only Policy

It is meaningless to go to a language school to study abroad if you do not speak English. Your English skills will improve the most when you think, "How can I say this in English?".

Although the English-Only Policy may seem stringent, an environment where English is the only language spoken, even among students of the same nationality, will greatly improve your English!

Global Collegeの生徒の様子

2. Instructor-Planned Activities

All activities at Global College (GC) are planned by instructors and they participate in them as well. Examples of activities include ice hockey rules briefing, make-up lessons taught by Canadians, yoga classes and aquarium scavenger hunts, featuring a variety of unique and interesting activities.

Students can opt to take additional free English classes called "PST Plus" which is available to those who wish to attend.

Global Collegeの授業風景

3. Advance at the Pace of Each Individual

GC does not generally implement monthly level-up tests, which are common in language schools.

The reason is that GC believes the pace of improvement in speaking varies among individuals. For this reason, GC offers all students the opportunity to improve their speaking skills on a weekly basis.

Since classes are homeroom-based, teachers are able to closely assess and monitor each student's weaknesses and growth rate on a daily basis and students are able to improve their English skills at their own pace without having to worry about losing track of the class.

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The greatest feature of GC is that students can study in an environment dedicated to improving their English language skills! GC's mission is designed to help students feel comfortable and confidently use English in all kinds of situations, including school, work and daily life.

GC has created an environment where students can steadily improve their English skills at their own pace with flexible schedules for classes and teachers, including small class sizes that allow students to have intensive lessons with their teachers. Students are able to improve their English skills at their own pace.

Adding to the above, GC frequently holds school-organized activities that expands the opportunity for students to make friends with members from other classes and experience Vancouver's landscape and culture which will make their study abroad experience even more meaningful!

School Basic Information

Name of School Global College (GC)
City Downtown Vancouver, Canada
Main Accommodations Homestay
Average Number of Students Per Class Approx. 15 Students
Affiliated School(s) Not Available


  • Power-Speaking Training

    The most popular course at GC focuses on improving students' speaking skills in English with an emphasis on building reading, writing and listening skills.

    This course places a strong emphasis on improving students' speaking abilities and developing their confidence in speaking.

  • Power-Speaking Training and IELTS Academic (PiELTS)

    The Power Speaking Training (PST) program combined with IELTS course is designed for and recommended to students who want to improve their IELTS score or to enter a university or college.

  • Business English

    This course focuses on building speaking skills while also developing the knowledge and English proficiency necessary for the business world. It is recommended for those who wish to work in a field that requires the use of English or for those who use English in their current job.


    This course is recommended for individuals who want to become English teachers and learn practical teaching skills.

    Students will learn not only classes to develop their ability to teach English as a second language to non-native English speakers but also includes practical lessons to develop presentation skills and other essential skills.

Course Fees (Tuition and Accommodation Expenses)

Duration Course Fees Accommodation Expenses
4weeks ¥161,000 ¥143,750
8weeks ¥322,000
12weeks ¥469,200
24weeks ¥883,200

Enrollment fees and the cost of materials are not included

Fees vary depending on course

Homestay arrangement fee is charged separately

The accommodation fee includes 3 meals per day

Area Features


GC's campus is located in the heart of downtown, in a quiet area surrounded by office buildings. The area is also very convenient for daily life, with supermarkets, drugstores and a post office just a minute's walk away!

School Address


298-1199 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2R1


An approximate 5-minute walk from the Burrard Skytrain station with a convenience store at the entrance of the building, several cafes and stores for refreshments are located in the surrounding area.

A short walk from the campus is Coal Harbor, a seaside area where students can relax, enjoy barbecues and leisurely strolls.

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