Sprachcaffe -Toronto-

Sprachcaffe -Toronto-

Canada Toronto

Established in 1983, this language school is a long-established language school from Germany with 40 years of history and achievements!


Sprachcaffe Languages Plus Torontoの生徒の様子

1. Absolute Security of a Well-established Language School

Sprachcaffe Languages Plus (Sprachcaffe) is a leading language school with campuses in 30 cities in 11 countries around the world. Sprachcaffe Languages Plus has a 40-year history and a proven track record of success, making it a safe place to study even if this is the first time studying abroad for you!

Sprachcaffe also allows students to transfer from one school to another within the Sprachcaffe Group, so if students are interested in studying not only in one area, but in many more, Sprachcaffe is the perfect place to do so! A perfect choice for those who want to study in more than one region.

Sprachcaffe Languages Plus Torontoのクラスルーム

2. International Students Gather from All Over the World!

Being a language school that originated in Germany, the majority of the students come to Sprachcaffe from Europe as well as Asia.

Although most students are from Asian countries in language schools, Sprachcaffe is different and offers a very international environment! Especially in Toronto, more than 40% of our students are from Western European countries, so students can enjoy a different kind of study abroad experience from other language schools.

Sprachcaffe has one of the most balanced nationality ratios among language schools in Canada, allowing students to enjoy an English immersion experience in a multicultural class environment!

Sprachcaffe Languages Plus Torontoの講師の様子

3. Top Quality Classes and Instructors

Sprachcaffe has been at the forefront of language education since its inception, largely due to the quality of the classes and instructors.

All instructors at Sprachcaffe have professional teaching qualifications and are dedicated to researching the best teaching methods to ensure that all students are able to learn effectively.

Classes incorporate the latest teaching methods along with traditional methods enabling students to improve their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills in a systematic and well-balanced manner.

Students are assigned to homeroom teachers and individual counseling is provided on a regular basis. Instructors are able to grasp individual weaknesses and make sure that each student is able to keep up with the content of the class!

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Sprachcaffe's greatest appeal is its culture, which has always been based on its founding motto: "Learn languages, meet people". The instructors prepare and plan the lessons to best meet the needs of the students and the contents of the lessons are always innovative and original.

Students are offered a variety of options for accommodation that suits their individual needs as well as comfort and convenience. Choices can be made from a variety of apartments and homestays, which are not common in other schools.

School Basic Information

Name of School Sprachcaffe Languages Plus Toronto
City Old Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Main Accommodations Apartments,
Average Number of Students Per Class Maximum of 14
Affiliated School(s) Vancouver School


  • Standard Course

    20 Lessons per Week, 15 Hours (1 Lesson is 45 minutes)

    This course is the most popular with students as it is the best way to combine study and leisure time. With four lessons per day, students can efficiently attend compulsory classes and have enough time for extracurricular activities in their free time in the mornings or afternoons.

    Students are encouraged to communicate not only with the content of the textbooks but also with newspapers, magazines and other media, and to engage in discussions according to their individual level of proficiency.

  • Intensive Course

    30 Lessons per Week, 22.5 Hours (45 Minutes per Lesson)

    This intensive, short term course is perfect for those who want to learn English more fluently and accurately. The course consists of 2 lessons of grammar and vocabulary, 2 lessons of English conversation and 2 lessons of reading, writing and listening.

    Students are encouraged to take this course in addition to the daily Standard Course to achieve solid language improvement.

Course Fees (Tuition and Accommodation Expenses)

Duration Course Fees Accommodation Expenses
1‐8weeks ¥44,800 ¥39,200

Enrollment fees, materials fees and accommodation placement fees apply separately

Fees vary depending on the course selected

The fee is per week.

Area Features


The Toronto campus is in the old town area, near the heart of downtown. Around the school are many cafes and restaurants. Thus, one can also leisurely spend one's after-school hours with classmates!

One can easily get to famous places, which one cannot exclude from sightseeing in Toronto, such as the CN Tower and the Olympics Stadium.

If one keeps going further away, one can go by car in about two hours to the hugely impressive Niagara Falls and by plane in about two hours to New York. Thus, there is no doubt that one can enjoy one's days off, too, as much as possible.

School Address


59 Adelaide Street East Toronto, Ontario M5C 1K6, Canada


4-minute walk to King Station (subway)
3-minute walk to King Street East at Church Street West Side Station (streetcar)

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