Ganada Korean Language Institute

Ganada Korean Language Institute

Korea Seoul

The first Korean language school in South Korea! Learn Korean in the sophisticated city of Gangnam!


カナダ韓国語学院 江南の授業風景

1. First Korean Language Institute in South Korea to Develop Teaching Materials

Established in 1991, Ganada Korean Language Institute is the first specialized Korean language institute in South Korea. Today, approximately 250 to 300 students study Korean each month at the institute.
Ganada Korean Language Institute is also a prestigious school that has focused on Korean language education and the development of teaching materials. The teaching materials used at Ganada Korean Language Institute "New Ganada Korean'' are written independently by the Teaching Materials Research Department of the institute and are highly evaluated not only in South Korea but all over the world.

カナダ韓国語学院 江南の授業風景

2. 3-minute Walk from Gangnam Station

Gangnam, located in the southeast of Seoul, is a popular area among people of all ages as a trendy and sophisticated city. Ganada Korean Language Institute Gangnam Campus is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Gangnam Station, the main station in Gangnam. The main street nearby the campus is lined with many popular boutiques, cosmetic chains, cafes and restaurants where students can enjoy themselves after school with their friends!

カナダ韓国語学院 江南の学生と教員スタッフ

3. Cross-cultural Experience Programs Sponsored by the Institute

Ganada Korean Language Institute offers various low-cost activities, such as global parties, student social gatherings, Korean cooking, Tae Kwon D, and Seoul city tours. Students can enjoy learning Korean while experiencing the local culture first-hand and deepening their cross-cultural understanding, rather than just sitting behind a desk. These participatory activities are also a great opportunity to expand the circle of friends who are studying at the same institute and students are encouraged to join the activities.

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With over 30 years of history, Ganada Korean Language Institute is a prestigious school with excellent instructors and high quality classes using original teaching materials where students can expect a high level of learning effectiveness! The institute also offers a wide variety of courses other than regular classes hence there are no age restrictions. Students from high school to adults can easily experience studying abroad in Korea. This program is ideal for those who cannot take a long vacation to attend a university language school, but still want to learn the language well.

School Basic Information

Name of School Ganada Korean Language Institute Gangnam (Gangnam campus)
City Korea, Seoul, Gangnam
Main Accommodations One room, Gosiwon, Homestay
Average Number of Students Per Class
Affiliated School(s) Hongdae Institute, Yongsan Institute


  • One-on-one class

    This program is customized to suit the level, time, and needs of the student. Classes are individually arranged so that students can learn the subjects they want to strengthen in the most appropriate way and quickly, and also to maximize their support on the way to improving their language skills. In addition to conversation and grammar, a wide range of subjects are available, including pronunciation correction, business conversation, college entrance, TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) examination preparation and specialized Korean language. Classes are available for a minimum of 60 minutes per lesson.
    This program is recommended for those who want to have a teacher teach one-to-one, those who want to overcome their weak points quickly and those who have limited time and want to organize their own time schedule!

Course Fees (Tuition and Accommodation Expenses)

Duration Course Fees Accommodation Expenses
1hour ¥5,280

Enrollment fee, materials fee and level test fee apply separately

Fees vary depending on class selected

Accommodation fees vary depending on the place of accommodation

Area Features


Gangnam is not only a trend-setting area with popular fashion brands and atmospheric cafes but also one of the largest office districts in Seoul. Today, Gangnam has become a bustling business center where many professionals come and go, with the area of venture companies along Teheran Road being called "Teheran Venture Valley," modeled after Silicon Valley in the United States.
As described above, Gangnam is an interesting city where students can experience the sophisticated culture of Korea and the real life atmosphere of the businessmen and young people who come and go in the city. Students will never feel bored while studying in Gangnam!

School Address


MY WORKSPACE 4F, 8 Teheran-ro 2-giru, Gangnamu-gu, Seoul


The campus is located on the 4th floor of a building about a 3-minute walk from Exit 1 of Gangnam Station.
Gangnam Station is served by the Subway Line 2, a circular line that circles Seoul, and the Shin-Bundang Line, which goes to the residential local area of people commuting to the city center, including Bundang, a suburban area in the southern part of Seoul. Besides trains, the station is also served by many buses, making it very convenient for commuters to go anywhere in Seoul, as well as to the suburbs of Seoul and the cities of Gyeonggi Province.

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