Lexis Korea Seoul

Lexis Korea Seoul


Lexis Korea Seoul is the place to learn and have fun in Seoul, the capital of South Korea!


Lexis Korea Seoulの授業風景

1. A Wide Variety of Courses to Choose from

Lexis Korea Seoul offers a variety of courses, from short term intensive courses to long-term courses for those who are interested in learning the Korean language.
Students are initially tested to determine their language level and are placed on a scale of 1 to 7, allowing beginners to start classes at a level comfortable for them.

There are also courses that specialize in preparation for the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean), which indicates the level of one's Korean language ability, as well as courses for students preparing to enter Korean universities, so students can choose the course that best fits their goals and objectives!

Lexis Korea Seoulの授業風景

2. A Comprehensive Support System

The school provides a strong support system to help students feel at ease during their study abroad experience. From airport pick-up and drop-off, to providing accommodations, to finding a job. Support is provided to accommodate each individual's style of study abroad.

Support is also provided for daily life, such as the purchase of SIM cards and in case students need to go to the hospital.
Even if you are a first-time student and feel a lot of anxiety, the staff is always ready to offer advice and support.

Lexis Korea Seoulのアクティビティの様子

3. Exclusive Cultural Exchange Events and Experiences

The school offers a variety of unique Korean cultural experiences, such as K-pop dance and Tae Kwon Do. Students can enjoy learning about Korean history and culture, which can be challenging to learn about otherwise. Through such experiences, students can deepen their friendships with their classmates, making this one of the most attractive features of the program.

There are a total of 12 different exchange events and cultural experiences, so be sure to pick your favorite activity!

skyticket Editorial Team's Top Pick


skyticket editor's top recommendation is the wide variety of Korean language courses. Seven different language levels are available for students to improve their language skills with other students of the same level, so there is no need to worry if you are unable to keep up with the classes.
Courses for TOPIK and Korean university entrance are also available to help students achieve their goals.

Furthermore, students are provided with a full range of support for daily life, such as hospital accompaniment and advice on job searches. Even first-time students can feel at ease during their stay in Korea.
Moreover, since the school is located in Seoul, the center of Korea, there are many cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and other facilities in the vicinity of the language school.
Students can spend a fulfilling time both during and after school. This language school comes highly recommended for those who want to enjoy both language learning and fun to the fullest.

School Basic Information

Name of School Lexis Korea Seoul
City Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
Main Accommodations Dormitories, Apartments
Average Number of Students Per Class One-on-one / Approximately 12
Affiliated School(s) Busan School


  • Intensive Korean

    This is the most basic Korean language course.
    There are both 15-hour and 25-hour courses and classes can be customized to fit the duration of your intended study abroad period.

  • TOPIK Preparation

    This course is primarily designed to prepare students for the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) for intermediate to advanced level students of Korean.
    TOPIK is a certification used to evaluate the Korean language level of non-Koreans and is recommended for those who wish to enter university or find employment in Korea.

  • Evening Korean

    This Korean language course is designed for students who are busy in the mornings and only have time to study in the afternoons, but still want to learn the language effectively.

  • Weekend Korean(Sunday Classes)

    This is a monthly course held every Sunday morning and is designed for those who are busy and only have time on weekends or for those who want to learn Korean at a slower pace.
    This course is available for both beginners and advanced students.

  • One-to-one Private Leeson

    This is an individual class course where students are taught Korean on a one-to-one basis. Students can learn Korean at their own pace without worrying about their surroundings.
    This course is recommended for those who want to concentrate on their area of weakness or for those who are not sure if they can keep up with the pace of the class.

  • Intensive IELTS Preparation

    Courses are offered not only for the Korean language but also for English examinations.
    This course prepares students for the IELTS exam, which is required for those who plan to immigrate to Canada or the United Kingdom (UK) in the future.

Course Fees (Tuition and Accommodation Expenses)

Duration Course Fees Accommodation Expenses
1-9 weeks ¥40,800
10-19 weeks ¥39,600
20-29 weeks ¥38,400
30+ weeks ¥37,200

Tuition fee for 25 hours of intensive Korean course

Enrollment fees and the cost of materials are not included

Tuition fees vary depending on the course

Area Features


It is an area that is relatively quieter than Hongdae and Myeongdong, Seoul’s most famous tourist destination.
Although it is a business district lined with skyscrapers, it also features many commercial facilities, such as shopping malls, restaurants and cafes.

It is known as one of the most exclusive residential districts in Seoul, and is a safe and secure area where you can leave safely and with peace of mind.

School Address


11F Anytower, 7, Gangnam-daero 53-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 06626


6-minute walk from Gangnam Station

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