CBEA (Cebu Business English Academy)

CBEA (Cebu Business English Academy)

Philippines Cebu

Customizable classes and accommodations! Easy to attend, similar to an English conversation school in town!


Cebu Business English Academy (CBEA)の授業風景

1. Lessons are all Private and Customized to Individual Needs

Cebu Business English Academy (CBEA) does not offer courses but provides private lessons on a completely one-to-one basis, tailored to the needs of each student.
Students can choose the subjects they want to improve at their own pace and can learn all basic skills such as vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, writing and pronunciation.

CBEA also provides preparation for TOEIC, IELTS and other examinations at no extra charge. By speaking English incessantly in a one-to-one setting, students are assured of improving their skills!

Cebu Business English Academy (CBEA)の授業風景

2. Customizable Accommodations and Study Abroad Duration

CBEA is a commuter-based language school and unusually for a language school in the Philippines, does not have a dormitory.

Students are free to choose where to stay, such as Airbnb, hotels and condominiums.
In the vicinity of the school are numerous hotels and condominiums, providing students with many options.

The school can also propose and arrange accommodation based on your budget, preferences and other requirements. Please feel free to consult us for more information!

Since there are no courses offered, students can flexibly extend their study period or change the content of their lessons.

Cebu Business English Academy (CBEA)の生徒の様子

3. Homelike Atmosphere Uniqueness

Compared to other schools, CBEA is quite small and has a homey atmosphere like an English conversation school in town.
While most language schools have a standard Monday start of class, CBEA offers completely one-to-one private lessons allowing students to start any day of the week!

Students can also choose their lesson times either in the morning or in the afternoon. CBEA is a small school that can accommodate students' wishes to the maximum extent possible.

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CBEA is a small school that focuses on classroom lessons and is easy to attend.
Students can freely choose where to stay, such as a shared house or a condominium with low rent, which is recommended for those who want to experience more of the local lifestyle and keep costs to a minimum.

As the level of condominiums in Cebu Island has been increasing, finding the ideal room can also be an exciting part of the study abroad experience. CBEA is especially suitable for those who have lived alone, those who have stayed abroad before, working adults, and parents and children studying abroad!

School Basic Information

Name of School Cebu Business English Academy (CBEA)
City Philippines, Cebu
Main Accommodations Condominiums, Gotels, Airbnb
Average Number of Students per Class One-to one
Affiliate School(s) None


  • One-to-one Lessons

    CBEA offers only one-to-one lessons. Lesson content is flexible to suit the level and needs of each student, such as speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation, TOEIC, reading, listening, etc. Students are welcome to let CBEA know in advance what they would like to learn.
    Courses are available in 2, 4, 5 and 6 hours (50 minutes per lesson).
    The content of lessons can also be changed as needed. The school is closed on Philippine holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

    * Optional group classes are available at selected times of the year

    2-Hour Course: 2 one-to-one lessons
    4-Hour Course: 4 one-to-one lessons
    5-Hour Course: 5 one-to-one lessons
    6-Hour Course: 6 one-to-one lessons

Course Fees (Tuition and Accommodation Expenses)

Duration Course Fees Accommodation Expenses
1week ¥30,000
2weeks ¥40,000
3weeks ¥50,000
4weeks ¥60,000
5weeks ¥75,000
6weeks ¥90,000

Fees shown are for lessons only

Enrollment fees, accommodation fees, and Special Study Permit (SSP) application fees apply separately

Closed on Philippine holidays, Saturdays and Sundays

Acceptance of more than 12 weeks is available

Fees vary depending on course selected

Area Features


CBEA is located near a commercial area called IT Park in the center of Cebu Island.
Restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and shopping malls line the street, making it a very convenient and well-developed living environment.
With many offices and restaurants, the area is lively even at night.

Cebu is also known for its beautiful beaches, so students can go out to the beach after class or on weekends to enjoy the scenery and marine sports!

School Address


Crown7 Buliding 2F, Pope John PaulⅡ, Mabolo, Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines


5-minute walk from the IT Park (a major business district in the Philippines)
There are many condominiums and hotels within a 10-15 minute walk from the IT Park.

The school is located on a main street and students can walk to school without getting lost.

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