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Learn English in small classes at a boutique school established 70 years ago!


St.Giles ケンブリッジ校の授業の様子

1. Family-run School Established in 1955

St Giles International (St Giles) has been welcoming international students from all over the world who want to learn English since 1955.
With a history of almost 70 years, an astounding amount of experience for a language school, St Giles was honored in 2015 as a "Premier Enterprise" and was honored by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

A family-run institution, the school is a rarity among language schools and students can enjoy a homey, family-like atmosphere.

St.Giles ケンブリッジ校の授業の様子

2. Small Class Size

The maximum number of students in a class at St Giles is set at 12, which means that lessons are conducted in small groups and students can get more individual attention from their instructors.

In the Platinum Course, the maximum number of students is five, allowing students to build even deeper relationships with classmates and instructors.

St.Giles ケンブリッジ校の生徒が歩いている様子

3. Multiple Accommodation Options

St Giles offers many accommodation options to suit the preferences of every student.

Students can choose from homestay, allowing them to experience the local culture and lifestyle and giving them more opportunities to use English outside of the classroom; student residences, where they can live independently; or the more relaxing hotel stays popular with Platinum Course students.

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St Giles has an e-Learning system that allows students to log into the St Giles e-School platform to check and complete the day's homework assignments and even view notes taken by the instructor during class.

The platform is an essential part of the study abroad program at St Giles as it also allows students to enroll in the social program.
This service is available before and after the study abroad program and is expected to be used for continuous English learning.

School Basic Information

Name of School St Giles International Cambridge
City London, England, United Kingdom
Main Accommodations Homestay, Student Dormitory
Average Number of Students per Class 10
Affiliated School(s) UK
St Giles London Central
St Giles London Highgate
St Giles Eastbourne
St Giles Brighton

St Giles Vancouver


  • General English Course

    This is a General English course that focuses on improving speaking and listening skills.
    The maximum number of students is limited to 12, so students have more opportunities to speak up.

    In addition to the regular General English courses, the school offers General English Courses for Beginners and Courses for Students over the age of 30, with the options of 20 or 30 hours per week, depending on the course.

  • Examination Preparation Courses

    St Giles prepares students for the four major English examinations and aims to achieve each individual's target score/level after the course.

    The timetable consists of the General English course in the morning, followed by exam preparation classes in the afternoon for Cambridge Exam, International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC).

    Each course has its own start dates (several times a year) and duration (4 to 12 weeks).

  • Business English

    This course is designed to help students acquire and improve their business skills as well as business English.
    Topics include techniques on how to conduct a meeting, how to prepare a presentation and cultural differences. The timetable is identical to the above Exam Preparation Course, with General English classes in the mornings and Business English classes in the afternoons.

    The course is offered once a year and the duration is set at 4 weeks.

  • International Semester Courses(Long Term)

    This course is designed for students who plan to study abroad for 6 months or longer, and a special long term discount is applied for homestays as well.

    Students will attend a General English course, but can also take an Examination Preparation Course, Business English Course or University Preparation Course if desired.

  • English for University Studies

    This university preparatory course is intended for students who plan to study at a university in the UK. Along with improving their English language proficiency, students will acquire the skills necessary for university life in the UK.

    The course consists of 28 lessons per week, with the General English course in the mornings and the University Preparation course in the afternoons.
    The duration of the course is 4 to 12 weeks and can be combined with the above mentioned long term courses.

Course Fees (Tuition and Accommodation Expenses)

Duration Course Fees Accommodation Expenses
1-3 weeks ¥96,304 ¥45,136
4-7 weeks ¥86,736 ¥45,136
8-11 weeks ¥81,744 ¥45,136
12-23 weeks ¥76,960 ¥45,136
24+ weeks ¥65,312 ¥40,768

Fees shown are an example

Registration fees and accommodation arrangement fees apply separately

Area Features


Located in the very heart of London, St Giles London Central is within easy reach of the British Museum. Many other world-class tourist attractions are also located here, including Big Ben, King's Cross Station (famous for the Harry Potter film) and Buckingham Palace, the residence of the British Royal Family. With Brighton, a beach popular among the young in recent years, only two hours away, relaxing on the beach on a holiday may be a good idea!

School Address


52 Bateman Street Cambridge CB2 1LR


4-minute walk to Russell Square Underground Station
5-minute walk to the The British Museum

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