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Sudan Travel Tips and Information

Sudan Travel Tips and Information

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Official NameRepublic of the Sudan
Population39.58 million
Country CodeSD
LanguageArabic and English
Country Code (international calls)249

The flight time to Sudan is approximately ---- hours. Check the climate, currency, religion, manners, other information of Sudan below. Wishing you pleasant travels to Sudan.

Sudan is located in Northern Africa and is bordered by Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Chad, Libya and the Red Sea.

Visa and Immigration Procedures to Sudan

Visitors to Sudan must obtain a visa from a Sudanese diplomatic mission unless they are citizens of visa exempt country. Citizens of Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Yemen can visit Sudan without a visa. Visitors to Sudan from Saudi Arabia for business purposes do not require a visa. Citizens from Kenya, Eritrea, Malaysia and Turkey are able to obtain a visa on arrival. Citizens from most countries can obtain a visa on arrival. Admission and transit are denied to Israeli citizens.

Things/Items Allowed into Sudan

Passengers 20 years old and above may bring in 200 individual cigarettes and a reasonable amount of perfume. Alcohol is prohibited.

Things/Items Forbidden out of Sudan

・ Local currency ・ Drugs ・ Raw meat

Things/Items Forbidden into Sudan

・Narcotics ・Pornography ・Alcohol ・Firearms

Voice of Travelers to Sudan

The best air ticket to Sudan

The best air ticket that I booked to Sudan was in Saudi Arabia with Qatar Airways. When comparing air tickets, economy class tickets with Qatar Airways are the cheapest tickets available to Sudan. I had such a great time in Sudan. The weather and food was great. I also booked a ticket for a group tour and the excursion was a lot of fun. I will be booking a ticket to Sudan next year and hope that I can explore the country more.

Nice trip in Sudan with a cheap direct ticket

I am from Wales and purchased my ticket to Sudan. The ticket was a first-class ticket and the service was excellent. My visit to Sudan was enjoyable an I booked tickets to see some attractions once there. I travelled to Omdurman and Arkawit while in Sudan. Such great sights! I will return to Sudan and hope to book my air ticket soon.

Sudan Travel FAQs

Q. What is the food like in Sudan?

A. Porridge is actually one of the main foods eaten in Sudan. Generally made with wheat or corn flour, the starch is served alongside stews. Peanuts are another key ingredient in Sudanese cooking. Contributing both texture and flavour, they are often added to hot dishes with beef, spinach and peanut stew, or ground down and served as a sauce. For a sweet dessert, try sweetened semolina, which is particularly common in the south of Sudan.

Q. Is Sudan safe to visit?

A. Most areas are safe to visit in Sudan. The people in Sudan are extremely welcoming to foreign tourists and local guides know the region quite well. After booking your air ticket, you may want to consult your government’s website for the latest travel guidance to Sudan. If you have questions about safety, contact local tour guides who will be able to provide you with additional resources.

Sudan - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights toKhartoum International Airport・ Kassala Airport (Sudan) ・ Dubai International Airport (UAE) ・ Abu Dhabi International Airport (UAE) ・ King Abdulaziz International Airport (Saudi Arabia) ・ Hamad International Airport (Qatar) etc.

Flight Routes to Sudan

Direct flights to Sudan are available from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Khartoum Airport is the main gateway into Sudan by air. Major airlines such as EgyptAir, Sudan Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways and Lufthansa all offer flights to Sudan.