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City CodeTPE
Popular Airlines
  • China Airlines
  • Jetstar Japan
  • Eva Air
Flight Time14~17 hours

The flight time to Taipei is approximately 14~17 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Taipei.

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Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, a Central Republic of China. The city is located in Taipei Basin on the Nothern side of Taiwan. Taipei has grown to be Taiwan's key economic driver due to high production of high-end technology. Tourism is also a major part of the economy of Taipei. Key attractions to Taipei include National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, 228 Peace Memorial Park, National Palace Museum, Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines, and Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

Voice of Travelers to Taipei

My stay in Taipei

My daughter took me to Taipei for a vacation after I lost my husband. We traveled by Air Macau. I traveled on a business class ticket.The flight attendants kept on checking on us and the pilot kept us updated. We arrived in Taipei a bit late, so we just checked in our hotel and rested for the night. Other than the liveliness of Taipei city center, we also enjoyed its outskirts. We visited the Taipei Zoo, Dahu Park, Maokong Gondola, and the National Palace Museum. What I loved most about Taipei was the food. The restaurants in Taipei did not only have delicious Taiwanese dishes but also Japanese, Indian and Italian cuisines.

Study Tour in Taipei

My undergraduate study project involved collecting historical data from Dutch colonies. I chose Taipei as one of my sample cities since it has a very well-preserved history. I traveled by air with Eva Air. The plane had comfortable seats with enough leg room. They served us a very nice meal, and we had access to Wifi onboard. In Taiwan, I visited the well-maintained museums. My favorites were the National Palace Museum, 2-28 Memorial Museum, and National Taiwan Museum. I also visited Taipei zoo which has wildlife from almost all the parts of the world, but the best was the Giant Panda House.

Taipei Travel FAQs

Q. When is the best time to visit Taipei?

A. The best time to visit Taipei is from September to November when it is not so hot and humid. June-August, Taipei is usually so hot and temperatures may go above 35°C. This period is usually off peak for visitors hence travel expenses are usually cheaper. You may also want to consider this period if you can tolerate the heat. It is usually rainy in Taipei as from December to May.

Q. If I purchase a ticket and the fare goes down, will I get a refund?

A. Most airlines do not refund if the ticket fare goes down. If you have a refundable ticket, you may choose to cancel the ticket and purchase a new ticket with the prevailing ticket fares. However, most airlines will charge a ticket cancellation fee which may be higher than the savings that you would make when purchasing a new ticket. You may contact us to help you make the best decision.

Q. Can I book a hotel in Taipei through you while making my ticket reservation?

A. Yes, you actually save on your travel expenses when you book a hotel and flight ticket together.You have a wide range of hotels in Moscow that we have partnered with. While making your ticket reservation, select the option of Flight Ticket + Hotel. We guarantee you the best ticket fares, hotel prices, and convenience on your travel plans.

Q. When should I purchase my ticket to Taipei?

A. We advise that you purchase your ticket as early as possible because the earlier you purchase the ticket the lower the ticket price. You can also choose travel dates that are considered to be off peak dates for a lower ticket price. Peak travel periods usually have higher ticket fares and the nearer you get to your departure time, the ticket price tends to move higher.

Taipei - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport • Kuala Lumpur International Airport • Beijing Capital International Airport • Macau International Airport • Dubai International Airport • John F. Kennedy International Airport etc.

Airports handling direct flights to Taipei Songshan Airport • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport • Tianjin Binhai International Airport • Tokyo International Airport • Gimpo International Airport • Shanghai Pudong International Airport • Taiyuan Wuxu International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Taipei

Most popular domestic air routes to Taipei are from Tokyo- Taipei and Seoul- Taipei. Most common international routes to Taipei are from Dubai, New-York, Amsterdam, and Kunming.