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City CodeTRW
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time16~22 hours

The flight time to Tarawa is approximately 16~22 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Tarawa.


Tarawa is the capital of Kiribati Republic. Tarawa is located in the Pacific Ocean. Tarawa is actually an archipelago of islands, forming an atoll. There are over fifty thousands inhabitants in Tarawa.

Voice of Travelers to Tarawa

Airfare ticket to Tarawa

My husband and I have decided to spend our honeymoon in Kiribati. We lived in Fiji at the time, so we decided buy a flight ticket to Tarawa atoll. We bought a return ticket with flight from Nadi airport to Bonriki airport in Tarawa. The ticket indicated the duration of flight being just over three hours. The flight ticket was purchased online and only two days a week were available . The ticket to Tarawa was for Thursday in order to stay for 10 days. The airplane of Fiji airways was a small one, yet with great service worth the price of the ticket we purchased. We wanted to stay in Kiribati longer but unfortunately we could not rebook our return ticket.

Visiting a colleague in Tarawa with a return ticket

My former colleague settled in Kiribati and invited me to visit her at her atoll, Tarawa. I flew with an airfare ticket Los Angeles to Hawaii, with another ticket from Hawaii to Fiji and then on to Tarawa. The return ticket for the six lags was quite expensive, and when I decided to change the flight dates later, I could not. I could only cancel the whole ticket. I traveled to Tarawa in May and spent two months in Tarawa and its surrounding area. Tarawa is a true paradise, it was definitely worth the ticket. If I find a cheaper ticket, I will try to visit Tarawa with my son again next year.

Tarawa Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to visit Tarawa?

A. The climate in Tarawa is just ideal all year round. There are constant temperatures throughout the year in Tarawa which are around 28 degrees Celsius. What changes in Tarawa is the level of precipitation. In the north part of Tarawa atoll it rains significantly more than in the southern part of Kiribati, and it rains in Tarawa more during the winter season. Even cyclones can hit Tarawa at times.

Q. What kind of transportation should I use when I want to visit all parts of Tarawa atoll?

A.To visit all of Tarawa, the best transport is to take a boat. You can purchase a boat ticket downtown Tarawa, and you can use this ticket to go around the whole atoll in one of two days. There is not other kind of transport which will allow you to reach all parts of the Tarawa atoll as the roads are not present everywhere.

Q. Why should I visit Tarawa?

A. Tarawa is a beautiful place to visit. You can explore some parts of the atoll of Tarawa either on foot or on bike. Or you can purchase a boat ticket to go around Tarawa on boat. You can also see the traditional Kiribati culture in Tarawa and trace back the Second World War through the ship wrecks. Tarawa is also a great place for beach time. The beaches in Tarawa are clean and they have great sceneries.

Tarawa - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Bonriki International Airport ・Nauru International Airport ・Nadi International Airport ・Amata Kabua International Airport etc

Flight Routes to Tarawa

Bonriki is an airport located in the southern part of the Tarawa atoll. There are regular flights with Air Kiribati, Air Marshall islands, Fiji Airways and Nauru Airlines. The destinations with direct connection to Tarawa include other cities and atolls within Kiribati Republic as well as cities in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Australia.