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A Coruna

A Coruna

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City CodeLCG
Popular Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Finnair
  • Cathay Pacific
Flight Time11~14 hours

The flight time to A Coruna is approximately 11~14 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit A Coruna.

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A Coruna

A Coruña is one of the cities in Spain within the municipality of Galicia. A coruna is the seventh largest city in Spain. This city is the province capital of Galicia. It served as a political center in the past within the 16th and 19th centuries. It was also a well known regional administrative center within the years 1833 and 1892. A Coruna has a population of 246,056 people according to the last count in 2008. A Coruna is 37.83 square kilometres in size.

Voice of Travelers to A Coruna

Friends mini vacay to A Coruna

My name is Dennis. My friends and I decided to take a mini vacation to A Coruna. It was a little trip where we would go to rekindle our friendship. We started by sorting our visas and when they were approved we booked the air ticket. We used a travel agency that has group packages that included the air ticket which was a return ticket and accommodation. Once the ticket was ready we continued with the rest of the planning. The day for travelling came and we took around five hours to get to the destination.The service in the plane was great we all commented on how we would use the airline again for our next ticket. A Coruna was major fun we will be getting a ticket back soon.

Wedding in A Coruna

Hi my name is Peter Welsh. My wife and I recently got married in A Coruna. She grew up in A Coruna and wanted to have all her old friends and family with her during this memorable time. It would also be cheaper to hold the wedding there as we would have to buy everyone an air ticket to attend the wedding where we lived in Barcelona. We planned the whole wedding from our city and only traveled to A Coruna two weeks before the wedding. We got an air ticket from FINNAIR who had ticket discounts. On return we used British airways for the return ticket from A Coruna. The wedding went really well and we enjoyed every bit of A Coruna. My wife had her dream wedding and we had an amazing time visiting the place.

A Coruna Travel FAQs

Q. What are the main tourist attractions in A Coruna?

A. A Coruna has Tower of Hercules which is UNESCO listed lighthouse, Aquarium Finisterrae which have indoor and outdoor pools, , Domus, Playa del Orzan, Castillo de San Antón, Casa de las Ciencias, Plaza de Maria Pita, Monte De San Pedro, Igrexa de Santiago which was a church in 12th century, Ellis Park and Gas Natural Fenosa which is a modern museum with art collection.When you acquire your ticket for A Coruna be sure to visit these places.

Q. What are the fun facts of A Coruna?

A. A Coruna is referred to as 'the crystal city' as many houses have glass balconies. Bagpipes are also popular in A Coruna not just Scotland. A Coruna is the center where the failed attempt to invade England was launched in the year 1588. The people of A Coruna are considered as poor. A Coruna is the second largest city in the region.

Q. What is the best season to travel to A Coruna?

A. A Coruna has a coastal mediterranean climate therefore the hottest month is August and the coldest month is January. Tourists need to avoid month of January visiting A Coruna. The other months that one can visit A Coruna are May, June, July and September since the temperatures are good for visitors.

A Coruna - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to A Coruña Airport ・John F. Kennedy International Airport ・Newark Liberty International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to A Coruna

There are several airlines that will land you in A Coruna airport which is the main airport in A Coruna. The major airlines that will take you to A Coruna include Air Europa, FINNAIR, British airways and Iberia. To use these airlines you can acquire your ticket from any preferred ticket outlet.