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City CodeACA
Popular Airlines
  • AeroMéxico
Flight Time5~7 hours
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The flight time to Acapulco is approximately 5~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Acapulco.


Acapulco is a seaport city located on Pacific coast of Mexico, 380 km south of Mexico City. With a population of over 650,000 residents, Acapulco is one of the oldest and largest beach resorts in Mexico. The city is known for its soft sandy beaches attracting thousands of both local and international tourists during the festive and warm weather seasons.

Voice of Travelers to Acapulco

Relocating to Acapulco

I am Juan from Mexicali. I arrived in Acapulco last summer after securing a job with Ameco Services. I must admit that I have had smooth transition and pleasant experience since arriving in Acapulco . The city has a lot in terms of cultural diversity compared to Mexicali, my former city. I had four weeks to accept the terms and relocate Acapulco. With the help of my friend Jesus, I secured the cheapest ticket to Acapulco. He searched online for the cheapest ticket two weeks prior to my departure. Ticket to Acapulco is always cheap weeks before your travel time and it is advisable to purchase your ticket six weeks before traveling. TAR Aerolineas offered the cheapest ticket; at the time of purchasing the ticket to Acapulco, they offered a 15% off the price of ticket. Generally, relocating to Acapulco was a nice experience. Flights attendants were exceptionally friendly and offered great food that was satisfying to everyone.

Artistry visit to Acapulco

I am Mitchel from Adelaide. I am a student of arts and history. Last autumn, I visited both the Fuerte San Diego and Acapulco Cathedral in Acapulco to explore the antiquated art, culture and architecture. I had started planning early from last year and timed for the cheapest ticket to Acapulco. I searched online for the cheapest ticket weeks prior my departure to Newcastle. Ticket to Newcastle are cheaper six weeks before your travel time and it is advisable to purchase your ticket weeks before traveling. Virgin Australia with a connection of AeroMar offered the cheapest ticket compared to other airlines. The travel experience using a non stop flight was awesome with their flights attendants being friendly and offered great food that was satisfying to everyone.

Acapulco Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I buy a ticket to Acapulco?

A.You can purchase a ticket to Acapulco by buying it online or visiting the corresponding travel companies by yourself. Searching online for a ticket to Acapulco is the best way to compare ticket and choose a cheap ticket to Acapulco. The cheapest ticket to Acapulco can be bought online six weeks prior to your departure to Acapulco.

Q. What's the weather like in Acapulco?

A. Acapulco experiences a tropical dry and wet type of climate. The year round weather in Acapulco is nice and warm with variations in amount of precipitation received. Rainfall is season is from June to September with the wettest month being June. The dry season is from November to April with the warmest month being April.

Q. What are the indoor and outdoor activities to do in Acapulco?

A. Acapulco is a city with interesting indoor and outdoor activities. When visiting Acapulco, try to visit the oldest building in Acapulco, Fuerte San Diego to learn the history of Acapulco. If you are a fan of snorkeling, ensure you visit La Roqueta Island, where you will be provided with transport, guides and equipments for snorkeling. One can also visit either Acapulco Botanical Gardens or Majahua beach for more serene outdoor activities.

Acapulco - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Acapulco International Airport ・George Bush Intercontinental Airport ・Mexico City International Airport ・Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport etc

Flight Routes to Acapulco

Acapulco International Airport located 16 km from the city center of Acapulco is a commercial service airport serving Acapulco and south pacific region of Mexico. The airport is the main gateway to the South Pacific Region of Mexico is used for both international and domestic flights. You can travel to Acapulco using TAR Aerolineas, AeroMar or any other international airline having Acapulco International Airport as its destination. You need a valid passport, an air ticket, accommodation ticket and a visa if you don't qualify for a visa waiver program. You can purchase your ticket online or visit corresponding travel agents to purchase the ticket.